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  1. more digging and it looks like it might be the starter gear not engaging - Have an email into Baja Designs and hope they can help or at least tell me what starter they used in their kit. All I know is they used one from a PWC application.
  2. OK, It seems to be killing my batteries within 15 seconds. Its pushing a 25.8 volts to the starter but it doesn't last long. Perhaps not enough battery? I picked up these: http://www.batterystuff.com/batteries/lithium-iron-batteries/sstz7s-fp.html Figuring they would be plenty for 24V - Perhaps not? they are down to under 30% after 2 times on the starter. Sigh.
  3. I haven't gotten it finish wired yet, had to have a fabricator buddy of min redo my old battery box before I could wire it in permanent. Should be able to have it done in the next weekend or two.
  4. Finally took it to a friend after Double checking every possible problem. sometime after checking the continuity of every single wire and fuse, one of the fuses blew. I felt pretty stupid after he pointed that out. IT works now, I just need to get it all finish wired up now that it finally tests out correct.
  5. OK, I have the starter button now wired correct! both SPDT relays click when I press the starter button. However they are not kicking the Starter relays. Here is a complete list of what is connected to what. It seems to match the wiring diagram, so I'm at a loss here as to what is not correct. Help! SPDT Relay #1 85 - Direct to chassis ground 86 - Hot from start switch 87 - to "I" on both starting relays 87a - To negative post (left) on starting relay #1 (30A fused) 30 - To negative post on battery #1 SPDT Relay #2 85 - Direct to chassis ground 86 - Hot from start switch 87 - To "S" on both starting relays 87a - To positive on battery #2 (30A fused) 30 - To positive on battery #1 (30A fused) Starter Relay #1 Right post - Hot to battery #1 - Hot from stock charging system Left post - In from 87A on SPDT relay #1 - to negative on battery #2 Starter Relay #2 Right post - Hot to battery #2 Left Post - to Starter Battery #1 negative is also grounded to chassis ground. Oh, and if I run a hot jumper to the starting relay it will turn over, so they are functioning.
  6. There was no stock starter relay, I have a 650R with the Baja Designs E-start kit. Another friend helped me with it and I think I got it down now, going back down and redoing it Will report my findings
  7. Is 12V power to the switch being provided by 85 or 86 or do I need to put 12V to the switch? The big relays work just fine, but apparently not getting 12V signal to them? What I am not sure of is and if it matters, if I need to power the "stock" starter switch (which is a universal one with a simple push button, no power going to it. If I do need power which side (85 or 86) does it need to go to, or does it matter?
  8. Yes, 2 SPDT's and 2 Ford Starter relays. I did find a corroded starter switch and I got that working again, but still not getting 24 volt to the starter.
  9. Mastera210, OK, I'm confused here. Is the wiring diagram that I posted above that another member posted not correct? I've gone over and over it and I don't see any problems. You are saying the relays are open? I thought they should be normally closed?
  10. OK, Well after fixing the mislabeled harness and wiring it correctly I'm still not getting any fire to the starter. I don't have a meter to check stuff so I will have to go grab one and try to figure out what I'm doing. Should have paid more attention in school
  11. Oh Good God - Nevermind! The nice, Hella weatherproof harness I bought had every wire with the wrong reference number on it! ARGH! At least I am just getting all of it temporary before I install it for real. OK, I got this wired up today, and I have went over every single connection making sure it is correct. The fuse going from #30 on SPDT #2 to Battery 1 positive terminal instantly blows when you try to put a fuse in it. What am I missing? I am using these Relays: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B004KEKYWQ Here is a link to the wiring diagram posted by another user: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwZ-Ca0X5duLQ28ySExIT05nS1U/edit I'm very electronics challenged so I don't have a clue as to where to start looking.
  12. I had the Q4 on my 680R project and while it was quiet it really restricted the top end I put the Big Gun on it and it made a huge difference from mid to top but was a lot louder.
  13. Oh it already does! I've ran it with this carb, and it seems pretty close but want to see what others are running while I have the carb off. When I had the Edelbrock on it, it made my eyes water with goggles on That's all fine and dandy until you need to slow down suddenly!
  14. Anyone have some jetting specs for this? 10.25:1 mild cam Big gun pipe with 2 brothers M7 silencer run sea level to 2000' elevation ..Jay
  15. Thanks Jeff, I was pretty sure this is what I needed to do, just wanted to verify.