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  1. ghettojeep

    WR250R stolen

    So it wasn't insured? Dude, I'm sorry but that was a big $12 mistake. ooof, that really sucks. Do you have renter's insurance or something else that may cover it?
  2. ghettojeep

    I don't buy it

    Hold up the train a minute.... So we have a Mechanical Engineering Student aka Super Mechanic that doesn't understand the concept of the air box modification? So you do understand the basic concept of how and engine works right? You talked about valves, so what do they do bud? Direct and control the air and fuel mixture for conbustion into the cylinders, and also handle the exhaust.... So do you know what happens when you ad more air and fuel.... And this dude tells you how to do it for free.... Um dude, you have to be kidding me. I call BS on your so called engineering degree, are you in Junior College and your advisor thinks you might have what it takes? I figure the fancy mechanic job is Autoshop. Seriously your an idiot. However, you seem to have a basic knowledge of marketing. But I question your analysis. Whats your point?
  3. ghettojeep

    Opinions on 2001 Dirt model.

    I don't know about the year, when I talked to the guy he made a big deal about it being a kick only. Whats the weight of the kicker model?
  4. ghettojeep

    Opinions on 2001 Dirt model.

    Real heavy. Not a motocrosser by any means. I'm torn between this and a 250 moto thumper
  5. ghettojeep

    Opinions on 2001 Dirt model.

    Nope just the kicker with the ds. It is converted, it stated that in the other ad that he deleted. Yar, I need to act on it, most likely it'll be gone this weekend as I sold my DR350 in about 24 hrs yesterday.
  6. ghettojeep

    Opinions on 2001 Dirt model.

    Hey all, I was hoping you would help consider a bike here. From the ad, "2001 DRZ 400. 2500 miles. Titled and plated. Body is in good condition, engine very good condition maintained regularly. Have ridden 5 times in past 2 years, I don't really want to sell it, I just dont have the time to ride it anymore. Does NOT have electric start, Does have brand new rear tire. e-mail for more info. " The good: Titled dirt model "2500 miles" 2nd owner totally stock (prolly not beat on real hard) good looker too! The bad: 2500 miles huh? ... um the DRZ dirt model doesnt have an odo.... NO ACCT upgrade so it's a timebomb totally stock (means I will most likely have to open the little wallet) The guy is kinda a jamoke, it was listed for $2200 a couple weeks ago, I couldnt come up with the flow, talked to him, he said, yeah 2200 its a go, I couldnt get it in his hand. Now it's back up for sale for $2400, talked to him again, "I think it was a little undervalued"..... now thats some bs. Told him again I'd give him 2200 as I now have the $ in hand. He told me no way. Possibly $2300, I'm not worried about the extra $100, really no biggy. Thanks crew!
  7. ghettojeep

    2002 yz 250 f price check.

    So I have a couple of updates if anyone cares. lmao, working on joining the club here. So, still havent decided what to do, I decided to put my dr 350 up for sale yesterday. I got flipping eleven emails in 24 hrs about it. Some one is currently on thier way over trying to beat everyone else before the weekend. It sounds like it may go down here in a little while, so the flow for the bike isnt a problem. Another intersting development. You see I have this Jeep, well, a couple of them... Big suprise right? Anyways, I have it up for trade on a local 4x4 board, because alot of dudes do both sports. I had a guy call me and tell me he's interested in possibly trading me his..... 04 YZ250F!!! The Jeep could maybe sell for $3500 or so, i have less then a grand in it, I bought it off a friend with a blown motor, since have replaced it . I'm totally down, the ball is in his court.
  8. ghettojeep

    2002 yz 250 f price check.

    I wasn't even trying to haggle. I told him I only had 2 g's and could buy it off em in a week or so when I had more flow, plus right now I don't have a motocarrier for the back of my SUV so I couldn't pick it up. He told me he'd bring it down for $2200 this weekend right to my door. Hee says he needs it gone. After talking with y'all it seems like a cool deal.
  9. ghettojeep

    2002 yz 250 f price check.

    Cool thanks for the feedback guys. Research and destroy Looks like kbb is at $3065 in good condition. Couple of checks locally revealed similar bikes for more cash. Damn, looks like I may be eating ramen and not going out for the next two weeks. I think I need this.
  10. Looking locally at a 02 yz 250 f. The guy bought it one month old for his kid to race, and the kid never did. Now has moved onto college. Anyways, the shizzy: good shape. It has low hours on it he said less then 20 rides. Full ti pipe protapers rethal sprockets and chain, a couple sets of new sprockets gripper seat new graphics ex oil, filters, etc manual he says he has race springs for the forks too, but they are not installed, not sure of the rating, brand etc. So they might be a wash. Asking price $2500, I've so far got him down to $2200, plus a 5 hour round trip to my door to drop it off. Fair price if everything checks out. I cannot afford more then this so, please don't tell me to get a 05 or 06 because of the better front end.
  11. ghettojeep

    Frame Crack

    Ya... Not quite. I have 1000's of posts on other boards, I really don't care. I posted because y'all are posting crap that has no relevance to fixing the frame. Whether it be TIG called x y or z method. No one stated WHY the TIG does it better. I did. You can argue all you want about definitions, when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter. Either method in this case can accurately and reliably fix the frame. Whether it be a MIG set up running solid wire, argon, and a spool gun, OR whether it is TIGed by good welder.
  12. ghettojeep

    Frame Crack

    Dude shifterdumbass and Yamadumbass... I completed my registration just for this. If I was your boss I would not let you weld anything. You are right in some respects, but I don't think you even know what you are talking about, rather spouting off info you found some where and are simply repeating it. MIG welding on Aluminum is done using solid wire, and 100% argon gas. NOT FLUX... IF YOU USE FLUX IT IS NOT MIG! It's wire feed arc. Penetration depends on several factors, yes it has to do with the type of welder but other things matter more. Like the experience of the welder, heat, wirespeed, voltage, amps, etc, etc. Getting into TIG or what ever term you want to fawking call it. (IT DOESN'T MATTER) any "WELDER" would know what you are talking about, and not really care whether you call it, x y or z. So are you gonna correct someone who works at a shop and calls it TIG? Wow, you can search on the internet. The reason these welders can weld alumium better has to do with being able to adjust the frequency in addition to the other factors. This is one of the main factors it is a better for aluminum. Whats up know it alls? You forget this little tidbit? You may call yourself a welder, but you a poor one at best.