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  1. so cal rider

    head work?

    I was wondering if anyone has a good reference to someone in San Bernardino or, orange county area that does good head work. I want to have my valves replaced with stainless steel valves has anybody had this done and how is your valve clearance after the work ? How are they holding?
  2. so cal rider

    need help cant diagnose problem

    I have not checked them but the bike will start and has power
  3. so cal rider

    need help cant diagnose problem

    recently my 05 450r was idling rough so I turned up the idle it helped momentarily but on the next ride it would not start in the normal procedure and with the choke on it would not start and backfires the the only way to start is if I pull the throttle while kicking once started it will not idle, even when warm. Also the compression feels a lot less when I kick it over. I tried fixing the problem in the following procedure. tried to adjust idle screw checked hot start play cleaned air filter drained fuel changed plug cleaned carb reset pilot screw my bike has a lot of power but STILL IS HARD TO START AND WONT IDLE............please help anybody heard of this problem could it be valves or timing.
  4. so cal rider

    changing head gasket?

    my 05 450 is leaking out of the head right under exhaust port Ive heard of several of these cases so I'm pretty sure its the head gasket. Ive never got into the head, is this a job for a tech,or could a newbie tackle this with the right tools and service manual ?
  5. I previously posted a thread about oil I was finding on the bottom of left case cover. It turns out it was coming out of what looked like minor scratch I also see a very fine hairline crack about a centimeter long coming from that small mark on the case. A rock must have hit it. Its a small leak and small mark on the case DAMN!!! This bike Is brand new does anyone know of a way to fix this or should I not risk it and buy a new case???
  6. so cal rider

    Did I Do Some Major Damage????

    When I did my second oil change on my 450r I used the billy who factory fill on the motor side warmed it up for 3 minutes and checked like the manual said and the oil level seemed just a bit high but I figured put the right amount in so i left it. Then I rode it for 30 minutes came back and checked it was way high so i drained some and rode again then went home and looked over the engine and there was some oil on bottom of left case. this oil comes back after every ride, just a small amount did I do major damage overfilling? or could this just be a gasket????
  7. so cal rider


    no sorry. how do add avatar picture
  8. How much weight is added on installing a light? what is approximate price? Or would a helmet light work by itself for the occasional night rides?
  9. so cal rider


    I have 05 and its bone stock. I think I will start with a new pipe.
  10. so cal rider


    you just put in a new engine in a 02 and your ready to buy more mods why didn't you just sell your bike and get a 06. How much did you spend on the new engine maybe I'm wrong. crfs look clean with renthal fat bars and black rims.
  11. so cal rider

    which tires wear the best

    I mostly ride in the desert and my 450r goes thru tires like butter. which brands styles wear the best???
  12. my new o5 crf450r has about ten hours on it and im hearing a dragging noise when I pull my clutch in at fourth and fifth gear while moving but as i downshift it goes away. I didnt hear this at first but I was still breaking it in. I have follwed the book on changing and adding oil I also use the billy who factory fills. I always keep air filter clean and changed oil filter after break in. I have changed transmission oil once and plan on changing both sides very often. Ive read somthing of a thrust bearing noise but didnt understand. FIRST 4 STROKE!! does any know what the noise could be??