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  1. Thanks for the advice, I have been keeping my air filters as clean as possible.
  2. Iv been running 800 2t the off road stuff and most of the time when I ride it is between 25 and 30 degrees Celcius. No I am not using a spark arrestor just stock exhaust. But I want to change the mixture to 20:1 because I want to reduce engine wear as much as possible. Ive also been told that motul 800 2t is one of the best oils to run to keep engine wear to a minimum, is this true?
  3. I have bone stock 08 yz250 and I would like to switch to 20:1. I normally run Motul 800 at 32:1 and i get alot of spooge. What jetting would you guys suggest I go to to run 20:1?
  4. I had the same thing happen on my 06. The best way I have found to prevent it after it is fixed is to not let your chain get any looser then 1 3/4" of play.
  5. Something you might also wan't to look into is the power jet. I bumped mine up one size from stock and got much better low end power.
  6. Sorry im not good at writing and I was in a hurry.
  7. no I had to take the adjuster out to add oil every time soo i didn't do it right ok soo what do i have to do now to get it right?
  8. I am trying to change the rear shock oil on my 2002 yz 250f and I am not sure if I did it right I released the nitrogen then I took off the spring, after that I took off what I think is called the compression adjuster but im not sure its the adjuster that is at the top of the nitrogen bladder. I unscrewed the whole assemble and turned the shock upside down and let the oil drain after that I pumped the shock to get all of the oil out of the piston atleast that is what I think it is called, anyways after I finished draining all of the oil I started to add the new oil as I was adding the oil I continued to pump the shock to try to get the oil to fill up the piston I continued to add oil and pump the shock untill no more air bubbles came out then I toped off the oil lever as I was told by a mechanic to fill it up to the threads then I screwed the compression adjusted back in and pumped the shock and bled it through the nitrogen valve. it took me a few try's of adding more oil and pumping to get it so the shock was fairly consistant when I pumped it and did not make any noises. I bled it till there was no more air left in the shock but I can not charge it with nitrogen untill I take it to a shop but one of my main concerns is the when the shock is fully extended and I push down on it there isnt any resistance for about .5 cm to 1cm of travel once it gets past that its fine im just woundering if that is ok and im also woundering if im suppose to drain any oil out to set a sertan level or something I probably have about 275ml to 325ml of shock oil in it soo if there is any advice any one can give on what to do or if I did it right it would be very much appreciated thank you.
  9. I did read it it seems ok to me
  10. Thanks for the help and the problem is the connecting rod bearing seized to the crankshaft. Sorry if my spelling and grammer arnt great but i was in a hurry and i just thought i would ask. I didnt think anyone would care if i miss spelled any words and stuff
  11. well i was riding a practice and when i pulled off the track my bike stalled soo i thought that was weird but i didnt really think anything of it soo i started it again and it ran for about 5 seconds then stalled again soo i started it again and it only ran for like 3 seconds then it stalled again but this time when i went to kick it over the kickstarted was really stiff and i could only get it to go about halfway down then the motor locked up and i couldent move the kickstarted soo i thought the bike seized but when i got back to my truck i put it on the stand and put it in gear and moved the wheel back and fourth a few times and it unjamed and i could kick it over again but it would still only run for about 5 second then it would lock up but the kickstared didnt lock up again soo i checked the oil filter and shur enough it was full of metal shavings soo i pulled the clutch apart and it was fine all the gears in behind it were fine and i doubt it would be the top end cuz its all new and and was replaced before the summer plus it still has good compression. and when it was runing it didnt make any weird noises soo im not really shur what to think about this like iv changed the oil every 5 hours of riding and i changed the oil filter evry other time i change my oil. i checked the cams and valves and they were good too so im guessing its probly a bearing in the bottom end but any help on this would be much appreiciated.
  12. Ok thanks:thumbsup:
  13. Well I got the surgery on March 13th and I went in for a final check up yesterday and its going good but the doctor told me that if I went to go riding in 2 weeks that there is a very high chance that I would re-break my leg. So he told me no riding for 6 weeks so the bone will completely heal. I don't want to go against what he said but 6 weeks is a pretty long time my leg feels pretty good right now and it will probably feel almost 100% in 2-3 weeks. Dr. Mark could you give me some advice on this thanks in advance:thumbsup:
  14. I will look for it and thanks:thumbsup:
  15. I'm starting to get nervous about it mainly because on the first surgery it took the nurses 9 tries to get the IV in my arm:bonk:, But other than that it will hope fully be good I have one question though. I am getting 7 screws and a plate removed from my tibia plateau and I am wondering am I going to have to elevate my leg after the surgery. Thanks in advance:thumbsup: