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  1. you should be able to just use a good quality rocker switch from any parts house, good luck
  2. California

    wow 3 whole tickets in a weekend...........what a great way to spend tax payer resourses
  3. I have one, but I'm in sacramento
  4. www.MotherLodeDualsport.com
  5. three miles into the trip.........your hands will be numb I have a plated cr500 and its a great bike ,BUT it sucks on the road. It is very much an on or off with little room for crusing power. You would have quite a few changes in elevation and you would need to be setup to adjust for that, and maybe a piston/ring job too, thats lots of miles.
  6. oh no no, she's just pissed.......you can't let her sit for a week...
  7. yeah ,post up(date and times) on the motherlode site and we'll even show you around if ya'd like. Lots of great riding up there
  8. the key words for failure....."The honda shop" I'd find a good MC machine shop for the head work and do the install yourself......it's the only way to go
  9. I wouldn't replace crap with crap, clarke gaskets work and last, and clarke will get a kick out of replacing IMS crap with thier stuff:p
  10. self tappers cut as they go in and will leave material(shavings) in there, and that can't be good. the zerk idea will work, but it seems that it would take ALOT of grease to completely fill the inside of the hub.and you will have to change the bearings at some point, and thats gonna be a mess. my thought.....just use good bearings and seals and when they go south there not hard to change, so change 'em......
  11. its luck of the draw.......they plated my cr500 from NV(and I just got my renewal). but you never know with CA DMV, good luck
  12. I'm happy with your testing and a sets going on the pig:ride:
  13. float level in your carb?......mmmmmmcould be
  14. one of my favorites......just a guy looking for some peace & quiet
  15. +1 these last and a good deal too