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  1. redbikejohn

    Rear wheel moving quickly on stand?

    It's just drag in the system. Perfectly normal, more so when cold.
  2. redbikejohn

    04 yz450f oil cover bolt hole striped

    The thread size is 6mm. Pitch should be 1mm if it's a normal thread. Just buy a 6mm by 1.0mm by 8mm thread repair kit. Cheap enough on eBay. Easy to fix.
  3. I've bought and used similar ones in the uk and they work fine. Brake light is noticeably brighter than driving light.
  4. redbikejohn

    250 vs. 300 Opinions...Go!

    People seem divided. When I was looking for a 250xc a couple of guys said they took their bikes out 300cc and thought they were much better for it. Those guys were on the slow side though. Since buying on and racing it is spoke to another racer about maybe getting the 300cc kit and he said that he'd had both and preferred the 250 "as a nicer engine" and he was currently ridding a 300.
  5. redbikejohn

    Ktm front brake issue

    As above. Use a large syringe to push fluid in at the caliper up towards the master cylinder. Cap needs to be off. Once you get some pressure try bleed again. When it's more or less OK pull the lever in hard and cable tie to the bars, make sure the brake line is pulled down so there is no high point for air to get caught. Leave over night. Do this once in a while or alternatively push the caliper on the wheel before riding to force the pistons in and that flushes out any air.
  6. redbikejohn

    cranking engine with exhaust plug

    Lol I think we've all been there !
  7. redbikejohn

    Another starter inquiry

    Yep. Run a wire direct to the two bolts .....
  8. redbikejohn

    Vibration cures ?

    I run xtrig and don't find the vibes bad at all on my 250xc. I also run nice soft block grips by protaper
  9. redbikejohn

    Another starter inquiry

    The little bushings are important but I've found the gap on the crown wheel to be one of the most frequent causes of iffy starting. If it's too tight the motor struggles to turn the motor. Have you run a separate earth wire from the battery to the starter motor ?
  10. redbikejohn

    Help! Bolt broke off in oil breather

    I would never recommend using extractors. People brake them and then they are stuck as instead of a relatively soft bolt they have a hardened extractor. Punch a small mark dead centre and then drill out just a size smaller. Then use a tap to cut out the remaining material. Trust me if you snap off an extractor you are in serious trouble as they can't be drilled.
  11. redbikejohn

    GoPro Image Stabilization

    You need to show the horizon in the frame or it does make you feel ill. Helmet or chest mounted shouldn't have much shake .
  12. redbikejohn

    Is asking to swap bikes at the track okay

    We used to swap a lot in our group and as my 450 was set up really well and the motor so strong I used to often offer it to guys with less able bikes to see what a good Enduro bike was like. I've never turned anyone down and would take theirs out while they were on mine. However it became obvious I needed to go 2t (most enduros I do and woods based ) so at a practice day I asked several guys in the pits if I could take their 2t 250xc for a spin as there were none in our group. I got a flat no from everyone which has surprised me, especially as I was fairly well know about the tracks. I suppose the guys I asked just didn't know me.
  13. The two yellow wires, one goes to the yellow double and the other goes to the white. Both yellows are ac and one powers the lights as ac while the other goes to the reg/rec and then battery (more or less but both are controlled by reg/rec). I think the other plug is perhaps the power mode switch. Unplugged it's soft and plugged in is normal.
  14. redbikejohn

    KTM year differences?

    OK this is what I was recommended by another owner when I had stock jetting, also bought mine second hand. N8rh needle clip 3, 38 pilot , 165 main This needle comes with the bike and as soon as I swapped it over the bike ran great with AS set at about 1 3/4 out. Latter I got the 38 pilot jet and tried it but I got bad stuttering again so I went back to the stock 35. I have a 165 main too but bike runs great so I've never tried it. The fact is not running at all however points to a different problem. Most likely gummed up carb, crap plug, knackered plug cap or flooding carb due to float level not right or leaking. Not long after I got mine the bike stopped (in its first race) and that turned out to be a broken stator. They run dry and crap gets in so it's worth doing the wet mod and upgrading the bending and Crown gear from the 250 freeride so it spins up faster. I also fitted a new starter motor but bought one off of eBay not the 400w ktm one.
  15. redbikejohn

    KTM year differences?

    First of all change the plug. Then take the carb of and clean really carefully and remove all jets etc to blow everything clear with airline. Check the float level setting. Most ktms need the tag adjusting down by 1mm but this may have been done. The air screw should not be more than 2 turns out, if it is and you still get stuttering then the pilot jet is too small. I can't remember my setting but I'll see if I can find them and get back to you.