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  1. Daystar99

    o6 front wheel chatter at higher speeds

    Even though you've checked your wheel bearings this sounds exactly like what my front wheel felt like when my wheel bearings went out. I allowed them to get wet & rust so they seized and broke up. If you put your bike on a centerstand & slowly rotate your front wheel while rocking it back and forth (right and left) and it moves at all, they're bad.
  2. Daystar99

    20'' Front Wheel

    Drill: There are a few tracks and conditions where a 20" front wheel works really well on Hondas. I've used one at a track here in Arizona (Speedworld), because its flat, hard, sketchy surface rarely ruts up and this type of surface suits a 20. On any other type of surface, especially deep soft ruts, a 20" wheel is a liability. I've decided that, for me, it's just not worth the effort of changing back and forth but if you think it is, I have three new D756 tires I'll practically give you. PM me. I also have a 20" front wheel but I've been thinking about relacing it with a 21" rim. If, however, you decide to go that way and don't already have one, mine is in perfect shape.
  3. Daystar99

    Dirt Bike Feb 2009 - Fixing the 2009 CRF

    Mustangcobra: I've owned a 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007, and a 2009 CRF450and I either race or practice twice a week. I'm not fast but I am struggling with the '09 suspension. The 2009 is more different, imho, than any other bike to a prior year's bike by far. It's almost like I changed brands. I've never sent my suspension out to a big suspension house like FC or Enzo but I also am seriously considering it. My experience so far: The forks seemed to take a really long time to break in i.e. have their stiction drop off to a reasonable level. After break-in they're extraordinarily harsh in rough sharp-edged breaking and acceleration bumps (like at Glen Helen) unless I reduce the compression damping to the point that they're unridably mushy. Without boring you with the details, I've tried every combination of oil amount and fork and shock damping adjustment that's occurred to me. I’m going to ride this weekend and then make my mind up about where (or if) to send it.
  4. Daystar99

    Do 2006-2008 Wheels Fit 2009's??

    I guess I missed that. Hope I didn't waste too much of your time
  5. Daystar99

    Do 2006-2008 Wheels Fit 2009's??

    Do 2006-2008 Wheels Fit 2009's?? Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone who has one or built one at the dealer knows offhand if they changed axle diameters, spacer widths, caliper mounting bolts and or widths? In short I would love to know if my current (pre-'09) supermoto gear is going to bolt up and if not what is different. I would love to finish out the SM race season on a new mount but need to know if I am biting off a ton of work for myself in getting a new bike. Thanks ! I just got my '09 and, like a lot of us here, have accumulated a bunch of spare parts that I would like to still be able to use. Neither the front nor rear hub changed for 2009 so both are interchangeable (w/ 2006-2008). Even though the new rear axle has a thinner wall, it is also interchangeable.
  6. Daystar99

    Come on honda...Where is your 2009 CRF?

    From another website: Lightning78 wrote: Someone posted this over at Bushwood....... From a reliable source: New frame with subframe mounted very high on main frame. Sharp angle. EFI with handheld plugin tuner. Ability to tune fuel and ignition. New muffler with 50mm outlet. Looks loud but is quiet. Long head pipe. New red plastics with white highlights. White large CRF letters on red seat. New design swingarm. New engine cases. Red in colour. Two models will be available. Crf450R and a CRF450P. CRF450P will have upgraded Hubs, Rims, Footpegs, Brake lines, Graphics( number plate backgrounds), adjustable triple clamps (head angle) Upgraded bars as well as a upgraded spares kit including suspension parts and race tune manual. Bar mounted hour meter with laptimer button near left hand grip. Black CRF has been discontinued. Tyting wrote: Most of it is true. New engine cases. Red in colour: not true. silver look to it, white rear fender on the pic i saw. red front. The bike looked Bad ass for sure... sry no more details to give, Foster576 wrote: Where are these pics NOOB???? Tyting wrote: Most of it is true. New engine cases. Red in colour: not true. silver look to it, white rear fender on the pic i saw. red front. The bike looked Bad ass for sure... sry no more details to give, Foster576 wrote: Where are these pics NOOB???? Tyting wrote: at honda I'm not terribly surprised (if it's true) that Honda would have two models - there's no easy way around the cost of the EFI, associated tuning stuff, suspension, etc. that some people are clearly willing to pay for. I guess we'll all find out in September.
  7. Daystar99

    RHC Head Mods

    I've got well over $2000 in it and I'll take $500 for the whole deal. It's totally complete and ready to drop in and go. The carb alone was $400 not counting Ronnie's mods.
  8. Daystar99

    RHC Head Mods

    I put a complete RHC head / 187 cam / modded carb on the TT classifieds a week ago and just noticed that I forgot to put my e-mail address down. It's "cgoodman@daystarweb.com" in case anyone's interested. Check it out - it's all '06, low time, and it really works as good as everyone says.
  9. Daystar99

    Worn throttle tube?

    I've had this exact same problem a couple of times. I was really pulling my hair out trying to figure out what was happening. I tried different cables, a new (aluminum) throttle tube, cable rerouting, extra lubricant, and nothing would cure the problem. In fact, the aluminum throttle tube made it worse. I finally took off my gas tank and just really slowly worked the throttle while I listened carefully and I could hear the return (pull-shut) cable slipping off the cam and getting pinched against the housing. The only way I found to eliminate the problem has been to run a stock nylon throttle tube and replace the cables every thirty hours or so. Nothing kills your lap times more than a binding throttle.
  10. Daystar99

    TWMX "07" Picture

    I haven't been on TT in a while so skip this if it's been mentioned (I checked as best I could) but this month's issue of Transworld Motocross shows a good close up of the left side of the engine that will most likely be our '07 model. The left side cover is significantly changed - apparently to accommodate a substantially different ignition. The oil filter cap now has three screws, two of them the long ones that go through to the case. The filler port is now to the rear of the flywheel, again apparently because of the flywheel's new larger shape. A possible reason for the changes might be to accommodate what ever mechanism allows the kickstarter to generate electrical power for the EFI fuel pump (if there is EFI)?? Anyway, IMHO it's kinda cool how fast these 4-strokes are evolving.
  11. Daystar99

    white smoke after exhaust install

    I don't know about the white smoke - I can't see why a pipe would have an effect like this - but my experience with the JE 13.5 piston has been great. The CRF450 responds well to a bit more compression - basically more power earlier.
  12. Daystar99

    Nut size-- On your bike knuckleheads !!

    On the CRF450 there are three fasteners where inch-size sockets are a better fit than metric: 1-1/4" instead of 32mm for the rear axle nut, 13/16" instead of 21mm for the fork center bolt, and 1-1/16" instead of 27mm for the clutch nut. There might be others but I know these for sure.
  13. Daystar99


    Thaile: My brother has an '06 and has an FMF Megabomb header with a carbon fiber muffler and he absolutely loves it. I've never ridden his bike but he says it has more power everywhere. The advantage of the Mega-thingie is that you can apparently use a shorter muffler without a corresponding increase in noise. I have a White Bros. Carbon Pro and it sticks out a good three inches further than the FMF at the rear and they are both about equally loud. BTW, I am quite happy with my pipe.
  14. Daystar99

    Credit where credit is due...AFAM

    It will have to be the next weekend - this Saturday my brother and I are going to race the REM race at Glen Helen. We were going to race the OTMX International at Tulare but I guess it's been rained out. I've raced for years at GH but always on the National track - I've never even seen the back track. Anyway, assuming the REM race isn't also rained out I'll be racing in Cali this weekend.
  15. I was putting together a Tucker Rocky order about four months ago and needed a couple more dollars to qualify for free freight. Since I needed a new rear sprocket I ordered what appeared to be their best aluminum sprocket - something called an "AFAM" which at that time I had never heard of. When the sprocket got here I was horrified to see that it was made in France - I was going to just return it but since I did need it I figured that I might as well give it a try. Plus, I noticed that Skippy runs an AFAM sticker on his swingarm and he's one of my favorite riders. Anyway, I get around ten hours max on a Renthal sprocket (or chain wheel) and my AFAM lasted a solid fifteen hours. My guess on the 50% extra life is a better alloy - I think Renthal says they use 6061-T6 - maybe the AFAM is 7075?? In any event I have to admit that despite its place of manufacture it's a pretty good sprocket.