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  1. ToyotaChris

    Looking for a dual sport KTM

    thanks..i think i will have a hard time deciding, but it will be between the 525 and the 450. I have been reading and it seems they are about the same weight but the 525 makes more power, but the 450 is quicker and lighter. I guess in the end it will be price and availablilty. Are they both Kickers?
  2. Have been looking for a dual sport KTM for a little while. I have not taken any for a ride yet, but would like to know the differences between the various KTM models. I think i would rather purchase a kicker. I am medium build 150lbs. curently ride a drz400E. I would prefer taller gears rather than track gearing. I will do mostly desert Enduro riding. any help will be greatly appreciated. chris
  3. ToyotaChris


    I Blame MTV. Seriously ever watched it lately, it is not Jerry Springer on Thumper talk, it is MTV. Too much complaining, bickering, "im cooler then you", "your stupid cause you dont agree with me", blah blah blah. we all love to ride, just deal. Its no big thing. It is cool if you dont like it, complain about it all you want, its a (relatively) free country, but dont get offended and start insulting someones character ( of whom you probably have never met) cause they posted something you didnt like. Boo hoo. You are all little mamas boys. F..it. if you dont like it, stop reading it. Or better yet post something more clever or entertaining on your point of view so we can all enjoy the post and see both sides of the story from 2 passionate angles. Search for Abusive ad hominem in google. Giving opinions is not the same as attacking character to prove your point. Not everyone is like you or even wants to be like you. Agree to disagree. Thats my 2 cents Capt. Christopher S. Scott R.N United States Air Force
  4. ToyotaChris

    Dr 650 or drz400s? Help

    Ok i made up my mind. I found out i can get insurance for it even if it is registered in a different state then my drivers licence, so im gonna keep it plated in AZ at an adress of my friends and deal with changes, if i have to make them, once i get pulled over or recieve a ticket., Thanx again everyone
  5. ToyotaChris

    look at this DR400E

    it is a kicker, cheap. I am not keen on aftermarket parts and this seems to have a lot of them. it is only 2500obo fpr a 2001. anyone have expierence with the suzuki kicker. I have some with yamahas, thats why i bought a suzuki with electric start.
  6. ToyotaChris

    thinking of buying a dr650?help

    thanks guys. i guess i will look around for a used s somewhere and swap parts. that will suck for whoever i sell it to though. what do i say about that. seems a bit shady on my end. I wonder how much it will be worth after that downgrade. ill just take it back to AZ to sell and dont give a real phone #.
  7. ToyotaChris

    thinking of buying a dr650?help

    Dealer is advertising 650's for $3890 new. I have a 400e that is plated in AZ and i cannot transfer it to CA, so i was thinking of trading it in and getting the 650. is this a mistake? Seeing as i do not have the chance to ride one i only have reviews to read. Or should i spend an extra 2k on the DRZ400s? I am afraid i will not like the 650 once i have purchased it. Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks Chris
  8. ToyotaChris

    Dr 650 or drz400s? Help

    did a bit of reading and it seems i am SOL. I do not have a federal certification plaque to correspond with my VIN saying it is road worthy, in fact i have one saying it is not. bummer. I guess AZ doesnt care, then again ive seen quads with plates on the highways there. Good old AZ. And second it was first registered in CA as a red sticker so it is still in the system. I will go to the dealer on monday and check out the 650 and 400s. thanks again
  9. ToyotaChris

    Dr 650 or drz400s? Help

    it is a 2002. I have plates in AZ, but the VIN comes up as bieng a green sticker only, which in CA means no street plates. I have been riding it with the AZ plates but when my reg is up i am bummed. I tried to tranfer it over once already and was denied the plates. I will look at the dual sport forums to see for any advise. As for the 650, the only thing i am worried about is the weight. Specs say it is shorter, smaller and thinnner then the 400S, but dry weighs about 30lbs more which equates to about 20-25 lbs because the 400 has more fluid over all i think. I am 5-8 150lbs. My E can seem a bit heavy at times, but i manage it at the track. I dont want to buy a bike that will be too overwhelming. But at the same time i am not too interested in track riding or jumping anymore. I want a bike that does it all. I think the 650 is a bit better on the road. Thanks for all the input though.
  10. ToyotaChris

    Dr 650 or drz400s? Help

    I have a drz400E in AZ street legal. Problem is that i cannot make it stret legal here in CA, so i want to trade it in for either a drz400s or dr650. The only reason i am considering the 650 is cause it is cheaper, there is a dealer selling brand new ones for $3890. I would really like the 400s i think, but i am not too familiar with the pro's and cons between the two bikes. ie weight, power, suspension. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I heard this is the place to go for good advise. Thanks guys Chris