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    is this bad?

    Those are the Rocker arm shafts. Don't remove them! The rockers are on springs and you will not be happy with what comes next if you do. Those are metallic seals. I would get out the good torque wrench and put 20 ft-lbs on them. They'll stop leaking. If they don't...I think you may just want to live with it until something serious requires the kind of attention that necessitates removing the cylinder head.
  2. klegg

    2005 XR650L Performance Upgrades??

    I agree with the wr450f guy...I've got the very same exhaust on my 2000 and then dynojetted. The entire process took 3 hours in my garage and it certainly hopped it up. Low end was most improved, the mid was torkier and the bike will actually do 100+ fairly easily now at 6000 ft. Only complaint I had was that the yoshi was way too loud. A great sound (kinka like a rocket), but it affected the comfort level of the bike. So I had to build a custom baffle, to shut the 100dB sound off. Jetting, exhaust and airbox mods are all I've done, and probably all I will do. I think if you need more than that, you should probably get a different bike like the xr650r, which has a bit more compression and is a few pounds lighter. Oh, the tank and cap on the 650L have a combined weight of somewhere between 200 and 250 lbs (I hope you know this is an exaggeration ) and because the tank is only 2.8 gallons, it's the only complaint I have about the bike. I guess I'm saying the tanks days with me are numbered.
  3. klegg

    My new to me 650L is hoggin out

    Here's what I think...previous owner had it sitting in the garage for a while. Impurities in the fuel settled to the reserve tank...ran low on fuel...carb drank the junk from the bottom. I like checking to see if the petcock is clogged, and the filter, but if that does not pan out, you've probably got a main jet clog. Pretty easy to fix...pull of the bowl and you can get in there with compressed air...even a hand bike pump will work if you don't have a compressor.