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    I have the new bell Moto-8 in flat black it looks awsome and its very light and fits great. It cool because it comes with different size cheek pads, spare visor, and spare visor bolts all with a 5 year warrenty. I highly recommend it. The only thing with the black one is that it shows scratches easy and where your goggle strap goes it kind of "polishes" that area and it lookes glazed but its not that bad at all.
  2. How yall doing? Heres my question will a xr/crf 50 engine fit in a '91 z50? The tranny blew and it wont shift and i dont feel like spending time and money to fix it so i decided to look into getting a new one. I found this ENGINE and it seems cool , but will it fit? Is it a piece of crap and will i waste my money on it? Let me know your opinions. Thanks
  3. zman258

    staggs ttr50

    man thats ugly compared to a crf
  4. zman258

    To much for 2001 wr 426

    i'd say thats way too high i've seen 2004 450 go for that much
  5. zman258

    Hey - my XR is famous!

    How much does one of those kits cost?
  6. zman258

    2007 YZF450 Spy Photo

    Well some ones a genious......
  7. zman258

    Z50r forks

    I've had a 1991 z50 since i was three and the transmission just locked up on me so i figured its time to fix it up a bit with some new stuff. Yea there a blast
  8. zman258

    Z50r forks

    Aww crap now i have competition, I heard they suck big time in the dirt
  9. zman258

    Z50r forks

    Sweet that awsome it'll work, thanks. Im pretty mechanically inclined so i might be able to make that swing arm work. Theres this shock Click and this rear wheel and disc brake click So i think i can make it work. I also gonna try and get this engine click
  10. zman258

    Z50r forks

  11. zman258

    Z50r forks

    Well, i want to buy this Forks and will this bolt up to my z50 frame? Also does anyone know any company that makes an extended swingarm for the z50 to help even things out? Will this Click bolt up to my frame?
  12. zman258

    Z50r forks

    I want to put better forks on my z50r and does any one know in xr50 forks will work in my z50r frame. If not is there a way to modify them to fit?
  13. Hi Im new to thumpertalk, and i need help buying a new bike. I came off a kx100 and I grew to big for it. I've been riding a 2000 kx250 but not that much, maybe 3 times. Now Im looking for a 250f. I found this guy selling a 2004 Yz250f for $3000 this is what he says about it, -2004 YZ 250F for sale. Adult owned and well maintained. Pro taper handle bars and pro taper rubber mounted triple clamp, AVS clutch lever and perch with quick adjust, new tires and twin air flilter. Oil was changed after every other ride, oil filter changed after every forth ride and air filter cleaned after every ride. Suspension was maintained by Race Tech and this, -I do not know the exact amount of hours, but I do not have as many hours as one would think with the bike being two years old. There was a 6 month period that I did not ride because I coached a softball team and a three month period due to shoulder surgery. As far a racing, I raced the senior class on average once every two months. The valves have never been check, beacuse it will crank on the second or third kick every time. I have asked few mechanics and I was told if it is not hard to crank or there is no "popping" from the exhaust, not to adjust the valves. The suspension had the oil change and the race sag set, but other than that, it is stock. Heres a pic. It looks alright I guess, If you look closely you can see stress marks on the front fender and in the middle of the radiator shroud, I guess thats a sign of a bad crash? Also the gas tank graphic is yellowish does that mean anything? I dont like that fact that he never checked the valves but thats not supposed to be a problem with the yamahas right? Please give me your opinion, Thanks
  14. I know some one whoes selling an 04 with a race teck suspension for 3200 where i live.