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  1. Scarface

    Idle Problems

    I need some help. I have an 01 DR650 and the bike won't idle while in gear with the clutch in. It will idle while in neutral but it takes a while to heat up. This is a new problem. I don't ride the bike a lot but try to get it out at least once per week. When replying remember that I am mechanically illiterate. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  2. Scarface

    Sprocket Change Question

    The replies are very much appreciated. They are telling me I should get the 14t front and the 51 rear and this would be 'optimum' for my riding needs (more tight trails than road). I will contact Keintech and see what they say. Thanks again. Jeff
  3. Scarface

    Sprocket Change Question

    Another chain/sprocket question guys...sorry. I want better low end, dirt riding ability. I will ride some roads but mostly just getting to and from the trails and putting around town. I bought a 14t (was 15t) front sprocket and the bike has a 48 rear. The chain is 520 and won't work with the front sprocket I bought. They are telling me I have 2x options: keep the 14 in the front and go with 51 rear (special order- $75.00) rear and buy a 525 chain. Or go with a 15 front and a 49 rear for much less money keeping the 520 chain but not as good down low. Any advice?? The dealer has been good to me over the years but I don't think they know what they are talking about or if this is really my only option. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The bike is a 2001 650 SE. Jeff