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  1. AtomTan

    650R to 650L...who made the switch?

    Finally - I was getting worried that the L was a horrible idea I am trying to purchase .... something soon. The L is on the list, so I am doing research right now.
  2. AtomTan

    What is reasonable?

    I would have been on the phone twice a day- starting last week
  3. AtomTan

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    85 RZ 350 -- sorry, it's the only two stroke I got...
  4. AtomTan

    Am I gonna kill myself?!

    DIBS on the XL - cause you know you want to sell it;)
  5. AtomTan

    Circle rut video!!!

    It's a poor mans "wall of death"