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  1. Blade275

    Cow mountain hare scramble

    Does anyone have or know where I can get information on the outlaw hare scramble thats usually held at cow mountain? Or if the race even runs anymore?
  2. Blade275


    thanks ill keep them in mind you really helped!
  3. I'm thinking of seling my truck and buying a ninja 250 as primary transportation and using the truck money to get me started when I move out. I've read some reviews on the bike, I think it would be a good beginner road bike I could handle and not kill myself on. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences on this bike and whether or not you think this is a good idea?
  4. We think the bike was spotted on Occidential road, crudely spraypainted black. it still had the FMF exhaust and looked way too new for anyone to paint it as such.
  5. Blade275

    Lamest Question of the day!

    That is not a holeshot device, thats just the plastic ring that holds your lower fork guards on.
  6. Blade275

    Valve timing question

    I'm putting my motor back together after sending my head in to get the valves replaced, I'm just now getting to doing the valve timing. I have a question on the mark on the flywheel that tells you when the piston is at TDC. The manual says there should be a vertical line that you line up in the sighting hole, but all I see is the letters HI, is the I the vertical line its talking about?
  7. My mistake, the bike has Jim and Jims motorcycle shop graphics.
  8. Bike was stolen from Elphick Avenue.
  9. SMall update: Bike is a 2003 and was stolen from Elphick avenue for those in the area.
  10. Mods, maybe this could get posted as a sticky in the forums for a little while? One of my good friends and riding buddies had his almost new RM250 stolen out of his barn in his backyard yesterday, The guy just started the bike up and rode away on it. I don't have much info on the bike at the moment as far as VIN number goes yet, but I will update shortly, The bike was stolen from the town of Sebastopol, which is between Santa Rosa and Petaluma. Stock graphics, with a V-force reed cage and full FMF exhaust with a turbine core muffler. My friends neighbor saw the guy ride away and I'll have a description of the guy soon, apparently the theif had his own helmet. If anyone in the area hears or sees anything about this please send me a PM. Sorry for the lack of details right now, but I'll have more shortly.
  11. Blade275

    Do you think the '06 will have...

    Actually I heard recently that the 06's will have silver plastic to replace the blue. Definately not too sure about that though
  12. Blade275

    Head bolts!!!

    Excelent, I got them off, thank you guys!
  13. Blade275

    Head bolts!!!

    I'm planning on sending my cylinder head in to get the valves redone, So far, everythings gone smoothly in removing it, but now the last step is the allen head bolts that are inside the head, under where the cams would normaly be. They are in there very tight, and I'm afraid I'm going to strip them, the allen wrench I was using was just starting so slip. Does anyone who has taken their head off before have any tips to getting these things off? the outside head bolts have come loose fine, its just the inner ones. The bike is a 2002 YZ250F if that helps any.
  14. My bike (2002 YZ250F) recently has been losing valve clearance very fast after an adjustment, It's now to the point where the bike will not even start after about 4 days worth or riding. I just checked my clearances again and all three of my intake valves are at zero clearance. Almost all of the compression is going right back into the intake. What am I going to have to do to keep the valves from going out of spec so fast? Do the valves themselves need replacing? Or is it something else that needs to be redone?
  15. Blade275

    What should I get?

    I get to pick out something for my bike this christmas, $500 limit. Bike is a 2002 YZ250F, all stock except for hot start lever. Any suggestions on what I should get?