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  1. painkilla


    well the xr650r is no longer manufactured , you cant even buy them from the floors anymore. This year honda pulled the xr650r from the baja ,and instead made the crf450x win. the closet bike to a xr650r was the drz400, they are from the same class of technology.
  2. painkilla


    Suzuki really should build a drz650 , now with the demise of the xr650r if they could keep close to the drz400 weight and reliability, they would have have the ultimate dual purpose bike. please suzuki !!
  3. painkilla

    650R 0-60 times?

    no, i was actually talking mph i saw the r1 drag time in a recent mag http://www.dragtimes.com/Yamaha-YZF-Timeslip-8921.html this link has it down for 1.8 secs as for xr650r i tried to measure that myself before , in street setup, without a doubt she is around the 4 second mark.
  4. painkilla

    650R 0-60 times?

    stock gearing , 3.5 sec just for interest ,the yamaha R1 - 1.667 secs
  5. painkilla

    you guys need to go on diet !!

    both bikes where weighed by australasian dirt bike magazine ,in a recent shootout ,i was surprised at the weights myself, the yami was 112kgs honda was 122 kgs basically the truth is , the 07 wrf is a whole new bike ,unlike previous models they really have stepped up a raised the benchmark. And NO i dont ride blue , i ride red/green , xr650/kx250 im not flaming the crf at all, all i said was it needs to go a diet if it wants to continue being number 1
  6. painkilla

    you guys need to go on diet !!

    the new 07 wrf450 weighs in 20lbs less than the crf450x !!
  7. painkilla

    diesel dirtbike?

    of course its possible ..if there is a demand , someone will manufacture it the military have a diesel klr650 ,
  8. painkilla

    XR650R No longer KING of Baja???

    yeah i guess, im not 100% familiar with the baja operations,since im on the opposite side of the world,but i do follow however i would love to see 1 man , 1 machine and a 1000 miles of dust with no outside help allowed ..how cool would that be
  9. painkilla

    XR650R No longer KING of Baja???

    if they made a wrf600 or 650 the picture would be very blue
  10. painkilla

    how much HP 650R

    second line from the bottom states the HP ..i think
  11. painkilla

    98 kx250 on strike !

    cool, thanks guys i will do what you said , lets hope the ol girl gets going !
  12. painkilla

    Wr450 Vs Crf450x

    i just read a review on the 07 wr450 , an austrailan mag it got awesome reviews i definatly take a wrf450 theres no doubt they are tougher and more reliable than the crf , ..and yes i ride honda
  13. painkilla

    98 kx250 on strike !

    hey guys just a little help please my kx250 has been sitting for about 8 months in storage tried to fire her up this weekend,but she wasnt going anywhere i tried everything ,even bump starting like 15 times down the drive way and then pushing her back up , iv checked spark ,fuel seems to be getting to the carb, cleaned airbox, checked some of the wiring im a noob at 2 strokes ,what else should i be looking for ... any info would be great cheers
  14. painkilla

    Busted KTM

    i heard it was a head on collision with a quad...
  15. painkilla

    XR650L - Awesome Bike!

    awesome site, i plan to do that myself some time soon,..i hope