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  1. jsalpine

    KTM 450 EXC-R (2010)


  2. jsalpine

    KTM 450 EXC-R 2010

  3. jsalpine

    Shift Lever to Low on '06 450EXC

    DITTO (I did the same thing). The stock position is fine if you are sitting down and wearing tennis shoes, but in the standing / attach position with Tech 8's, forget it. It needs to be raised up, especially if you ride on the balls of your foot.
  4. I want to raise the shift lever about 1/2''. If I move it up to the next the next groove or notch it raises about 1'' and hits the chain / counter shaft sprocket when shifting. Does KTM (or the aftermarket) make an alternate shift lever for this purpose?
  5. jsalpine

    Dirt in Float bowl

    I believe that my vent tubes were straight cut and much longer, but they split. So I cut them shorter and at an angle so that they would not split. I am thinking that the shorter tube that is cut at an angle could be the problem?
  6. jsalpine

    Dirt in Float bowl

    Is there a cure for this problem with the vent tubes? After long rides I disconnect the vent tubes and blow them out with an air compressor, but at the end of the next ride, more dust? Also, I clean my gas cans frequently and drain the gas in my tank after every ride. I have natural color gas tank I can see the bottom and it is clean.
  7. jsalpine

    Dirt in Float bowl

    How is dirt getting into the float bowl (it is not getting threw the air filter, my first thought)? If I go on a long dusty desert ride and remove the plug on the bottom of the float bowl, there is dirt in the plug. I think dirt it is getting threw the plastic vent tubes because there is dust in them? My '01 and '02 did the same thing, this is an '04 (all YZ's) and thought Yamaha had cured this problem with the sealed aluminum cover over the throttle cables.
  8. Yesterday I used 14/48 and next weekend I will change to a 14/47 to move the wheel back to the stock location. I think that this is about as high as you can go on a YZ and still have a first gear for some of the technical sections.
  9. Try californiadualsport.com
  10. Has anyone tried changing the #70 Pilot Air Jet (5TA-14943-15-00) that is stock on the "06 WR to a #100 or #105 (5TA-14943-28-00) that is stock on the '06 YZ? That was one of the first things that I did on my '02 WR. What is this #115 jet (5UM-1494F-30-00), is that the Main Air Jet? This jet is only found on the '06 WR, my '02 WR had a #200 Main Air Jet.
  11. jsalpine

    Riding the BAJA Peninsula

    Good quality aftermarket aluminum bars are much stronger than your stock steel bars. If you crash or even if your bike falls over it will bend your bars, riding through Baja with bent bars is not as fun as riding through Baja with straight bars.
  12. Has anyone used Twin Air Liquid Bio Power filter oil and Dirt Bio Remover? I am being told that there original solvent and filter oil is no longer available. I really liked there cleaning tub and solvent but used the Yamaha foam filter oil. I guess that I (we) will be forced to change?
  13. jsalpine

    Riding the BAJA Peninsula

    15/48 or 49 gearing (steel), HD tubes, Dunlop 739AT rear and 756 front, big tank, good aluminum bars (not stockers) w/ hand guards, steering stabilizer, new o-ring chain with new sliders and rollers, check spokes and cables, camelback, extra tubes, rain gear, lots of tools....