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  1. aerosmith71

    Bubba Calls It A Year

    I am a big RC fan butt... I think James Stewart is going to kick butt in the 06 supercross season. If everyone stays healthy it will be some Good racin'.
  2. aerosmith71

    Bubba Calls It A Year

    RC not retiring for 1 more year! SUZUKI 4 year contract. 2 years will be working with the team.
  3. aerosmith71

    Supercross the movie.

    I will go see it just for the supercross action, who cares about the plot or movie. It's Frick'n motocross on the BIG screen #@^% DammIT GO Watch it and quit you whinny ass bitchin ###
  4. undefined when is honda going to come out with a production supermoto honda? suzuki and ktm have them! But HONDA needs to have one. What news has anyone heard about this? I have seen a jap. version of one that was only a 250 (black) .