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    450x keeps dying out on me?????

    Thanks guys, keep um coming. I am pretty busy right now so may not get to trouble shoot some of these things until the weekend but I really appreciate the responses. I'll let you know when I get a chance to toy with the bike again. Oh yeah I got the stock hose on the gas cap. No little breather cap
  2. keonif150

    450x keeps dying out on me?????

    I got mine set up for the street. Baja designs kit. Anyway the bike started dying out on me while riding. it'll go for a little bit then just die. I'll try to electric start it and it just wont turn over. It takes a long time and then it might start up and run again for a little bit. Cant takeit far cause it'll kill the battery trying to restart it again. Then problem just started after I put about 500 miles on it on the road. It's an 05. I rejet it and did all of the free mods. I'm clueless right now and don't know where I should start to trouble shoot. I also have a vapor speedo hooked up, tapping into the headlight hot wire. I might be wrong but before this started I think I remember the vapor coming on as soon as I started moving the bike. I guess the speedo would pick up movement and it would turn on. This doesn't happen anymore. The vapor will come on only when the bike starts up. Not sure if this has anything to do with my problem. Any help and suggestions are welcome. I'd rather come here first before taking it into the dealer. Thanks
  3. keonif150

    99 ktm 300 no top end????

    Howzit going Jimmie, Thanks for the post. Yes I do have a manual and the bike is an EXC. Silencer is not plugged. But I'm not so sure the pipe is supposed to fit the way it does. My Cr pipe has two O-Rings around the pipe and slides into the head. This one has no O-rings and seems to wrap around a piece screwed to the head. Does this make sense? Is this the way it supposed to be? When the bike is running there seems to be no leaks. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you mention the power valve because this is what a friend of mine mentioned and kinda what I thought also. I'll read up on it and try to see if it is adjusted right. I think I have to buy a little tachometer though. Again thanks for the response. Mahalo from Hawaii, Keoni
  4. keonif150

    99 ktm 300 no top end????

    My uncle just bought a 99 300. Pipe was smashed, no air filter cage, and it looked as if it was sitting in the rain for awhile. Previous owner just did a complete top end rebuild before it was sold. Anyway I changed the pipe to a fmf gnarly, repacked the factory silencer, fixed the air filter problem, and cleaned the carb with carb cleaner and air compresser. The bike starts up just fine and idles and sounds fine. It has absolutely no top end, mid is pretty weak, and the bottom is not what I think it should be. I ride a 06 honda cr250r, so that is what I am comparing this to. Where should I start troubleshooting? Any suggestions are welcome. If you need more info let me know. I'll try to keep checking this thread. Thanks, Keoni