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  1. 450xlover

    450X "security switch" Ideas? wiring help

    what if you could put a key somewhere on the bike...it would help because my x is street legal...another though would be just to get one of those "boots" that i used to have for my streetbike that u put on the brake rotor and it keeps the wheel from moving...
  2. well, my crf 450x is street legal, i live in UT, and all it has is a horn, licence plate holder and one left mirror...and the best part is...ITS LEGAL
  3. 450xlover

    Brand New X

    Well, i picked up an 05 x today...street legal here in utah with a tiny mirror, horn, brake switch and a licence plate holder. So, is there anything I should know before riding it the first time...also, what can be done in the way of mods to the bike to make it more powerful??? Thanks