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  1. jvlracing

    where to race?

    the 2006 trapanis pit bike race series is going to be starting soon at race way park in new jersey so that will be a blast just as it was last year
  2. jvlracing

    HELP!!!Having trouble keeping new '05 RCM 125SX running

    try cleaning ur pilot if its shuting off at an idle!!!
  3. jvlracing

    Trapani's pit bike race series

    Just found that Trapani's has posted the set rules and reg.. for next years pit bike racing and the info on the pit bike card application. You can find all of this at www.racewaypark.com or at Trapani's site under pit bike news...
  4. jvlracing

    thumpstar or xtreme

    xtreme i got mine at trapanis great deal and excellent service www.trapaniracing.com
  5. jvlracing

    Z50r forks

    Man dead head here really does no his fifty stuff
  6. jvlracing

    2006 Trapani Pit Bike Series!!!!

    Trapani's has listed the pit bike race dates for next years series. They are also assigning people numbers for next year with a pit bike card like the districts have.check it out on their site or www.racewaypark.com
  7. jvlracing

    help me tune my carb

    if u over oiled ur filter its not sucking enough air and running very rich because the stock filter was probaly a paper k and n so it was jetted for that filter u will have to lean it out try going with a smaller main first then work with the pilot
  8. jvlracing

    ~Xtreme 107 spliting in half~

    thats definately not an extreme 107!!!!!!
  9. jvlracing

    Whats the best 12x12 bike?

    The extreme's are definately a good buy they are 12 inch front and back and they are awesome bikes mine has been great tons of power and handeling is top notch!!!!!!!! i got mine at trapani race setups in new jersey they had a bunch in stock for $1999 it was awesome not having to wait for it to be shipped !!!!!!!!!!
  10. jvlracing

    Best Pit Bike Investment For Racing

    a perimmeter frame is still a cradle
  11. jvlracing

    Xtreme CRIII update

    u can buy the parts from extreme or a local dealer but u will have to do some minor fab work like welding brackets and such!!!!!!!!
  12. jvlracing

    Xtreme CRIII update

    hydraulic rear disc brake, adjustable handle bar location, lighter side stand, lightweight aluminum rims, new aluminum skid plate, improved chain adjusters and a aluminum gas cap http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c194/motoman588/Picture137.jpg
  13. jvlracing

    how about this shock

    a stock extreme or a couple other shox also have the ring grooves in them also imo get an i-shock
  14. jvlracing

    how about this shock

    looks like a knock off version of a works shock
  15. jvlracing

    little clip on piston intallation

    imo that was stupid u better hope that the clip dont pop out while the motor is running !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!