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  1. did you get the warranty?
  2. mines also done that goin into corners!...its damn scary and your lucky to not get hurt if it happens!
  3. its nothin to worry about....after washing your bike though spray some WD40 on em.
  4. i have about 55hrs on mine and starts first kick still
  5. the dunlop 756 is probably the best tire ever made...but i use maxxis just because they last so much longer...ill wear the 756 down to shit in a week...and with a maxxis i can go two weeks...plus a maxxis rear is $55 and a dunlop is like $70
  6. i was having the same problem until i put an 05 sunline shifter on it...all fixed up now!
  7. whats an ICat?
  8. anodized rims fade...go black
  9. mine likes to do it when down shifting
  10. yeah mine does it too...i think my bike is lean...but then sometimes it seems like its too rich, like black smoke comes out the exhaust...plus my bike just stated bogging on hard landings... but seriously this is the one bad thing about this bike JETTING...can figure this mofo out
  11. ive already beat my 06 to hell! and it still runs like a champ....
  12. 20 inch is better for corners...mainly ruts
  13. ive only got the owners manual and it aint in there
  14. mine started doin that today! on almost every jump though
  15. ok um whats the float level? i dont think its in the manual.