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  1. nativez

    Jumping DRZ-400SM

    I have been wanting an S, but I noticed the SM and its awesome! They are about the same in weight. If I changed to dirt tires, would the suspension on the SM be better on the track than the S?
  2. nativez

    Dual Sport RM-450Z

    Can you easily tag the RM-450Z to be street worthy, even on the Interstate, or does the four gears get in the way? I am looking for the best bike for the road and the track...any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. nativez

    jumping drz-400sm

    I have been wanting a S Model ever since they came out, but now I am getting closer to buying a bike. I noticed the SM and the RM-450Z. Can these be both track worthy and street worthy? I am looking for a bike that I can ride on the Interstate to the track. Any suggestions?
  4. nativez

    Jumping DR-Z400SM Supermotard

    Does anybody know if you can switch rims and tires for better off road handling, and how is the DR-Z400SM compared to the DR-Z400S when jumping? Basically, can the DR-Z400SM be track worthy?