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  1. I have been wanting an S, but I noticed the SM and its awesome! They are about the same in weight. If I changed to dirt tires, would the suspension on the SM be better on the track than the S?
  2. Can you easily tag the RM-450Z to be street worthy, even on the Interstate, or does the four gears get in the way? I am looking for the best bike for the road and the track...any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. I have been wanting a S Model ever since they came out, but now I am getting closer to buying a bike. I noticed the SM and the RM-450Z. Can these be both track worthy and street worthy? I am looking for a bike that I can ride on the Interstate to the track. Any suggestions?
  4. Does anybody know if you can switch rims and tires for better off road handling, and how is the DR-Z400SM compared to the DR-Z400S when jumping? Basically, can the DR-Z400SM be track worthy?