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  1. fsa123

    new plastic for CRF450R

    i want to change all plastic before i ride. where can i get the cheapest plastic?
  2. fsa123

    Purchase CRF450 in Canada

    i'm going next saturday to pick up bike. the dealer is going to check the exchang rate the day before i leave to give me an exact price. it should be about 5100.00
  3. fsa123

    Canadian honda dealer

    thanks red and rmark.
  4. fsa123

    Canadian honda dealer

    I found a Honda dealer in Kingston On, when i called the dealer he said i would have to pay sales tax. Is this true? I've never paid sales tax on an off road vehicle and don't intend to. I'm in Jersey and find a relative that lives out of state to purchase my bike for me. And then reimburse.
  5. i just registered my bike in jersey and they did not charge me sales tax. also does this place in canada have a web site. [ September 21, 2002, 07:28 AM: Message edited by: fsa123 ]
  6. fsa123

    Hollister, Metcalf, Carnegie ?

    hey,Wakeman. are u related to Rick Wakeman..lol
  7. fsa123

    Calling all X440s Owners - Serial Sound Off

    cool looking bike
  8. fsa123

    My x440s in now STREET LEGAL!

    what the heck is a green sticker?
  9. fsa123

    Dude! I'm gettin' a 'Dale!

    is this the one
  10. Requires DEP to designate one site in a State park or forest in northern NJ for use of off-road motorcycles. everybody should start writing some letters . this long overdue in NJ http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2000/Bills/s1000/529_i1.htm
  11. fsa123

    raceing a cannondale/ ckeck out pic

    VOR guy, I almost bought my quad at Town & Country Cycle . but i ended up buying it at East Hanover Honda. East Hanover Honda is also a Cannondale dealer but they don't have any in stock right now. Let me know about demo ride .I will be buying a dirt bike but until my son is a little older and i get him started in MX. check out my web page. http://www.geocities.com/tonyaf_98/
  12. fsa123

    raceing a cannondale/ ckeck out pic

    Bugman, i can't beleive you just said that. On my way home from work tonight i was saying to myself. Robbie Reynard needs a factory ride why not a cannondale . Robbie Reynard is one of my favorite riders
  13. fsa123

    raceing a cannondale/ ckeck out pic

    Some good info guys, thanks. keep it coming. The more I look at pic the more I want this bike. Do you think we will see any pros. riding this bike in future SX/MX race's ?
  14. fsa123

    raceing a cannondale/ ckeck out pic

    Ohlins suspension comes with the cannondale. how does it compare with the stock suspension of a YZ, CR, RM, KX. etc.
  15. fsa123

    raceing a cannondale/ ckeck out pic

    VOR guy, I'm from Flanders. i used to do alot of rideing in the lyndhurst meadowlands area. if you live near me i would like to see your bike.