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  1. NoobWolf626

    250 to a 450?

    i pretty much only do trails, dunes, no woods and naw i wont be getting a 2 stroke, i dont like them =/ 4 stroke is the way for me! iv seen that kawaski makes a 300, anyone have any reviews on that one?
  2. NoobWolf626

    250 to a 450?

    I currently have an xr250, its not bad and all. just not good. And i was considering buying a 450, but i heard that they are getting so good that you almost need to be a pro rider to actually use it. =/ and if so does that mean that getting a new, water cooled 250 would be the improvement i need?
  3. NoobWolf626

    XR250 Rear Blown Shock?

    Well I'm not sure if I was pushing it at to much of a high speed. Well not anymore than I have in the past. And I can guarentee you I did not go off a 20 double. I was, as far as I am aware, doing some simple trail riding. However I was hitting some whoops, and some where in it I recall a hearing or feeling some sort of a bang. I had first thought that it was a stray rock. But now I'm not so sure.
  4. Yesterday morning I was riding out on the Logan Dale trails. After about an hour or so of riding my father noticed that my rear end was looking rather odd. After some quick investigations it was very clear that I was leaking oil, and rather fast. I am not sure where it is leaking, the engine is spotless, however, the entire rear end is covered in oil. It looks like it is coming from the rear shock. My guess is based on where I can find the only clean oil. Any thoughts?? Has anybody else had this problem?
  5. NoobWolf626

    Let's see some street bikes

    Dang that is one feakin nice bike!! I love it!!
  6. NoobWolf626

    Good Movies?

    wat is emule? is that a website or a store?
  7. NoobWolf626

    Dust To Glory is out!!!

    well, i think any1 that atleast knows sumtin about it can understand it. At any rate i thought it was great. exspecially mouse, hes awsome.
  8. NoobWolf626

    Good Movies?

    Thanks guys, ill look into them, where can i find them, is there like a special place, website or store? umm some place cheap. lol.
  9. NoobWolf626

    Good Movies?

    Do you guys know of any good motorcross movies or somtin? like freestyle or race movies? I just bought Dust to Glory and that i think was worth the money. i heard that supercross was to short and not that interesting. Any comments?
  10. NoobWolf626

    do quads piss you off at the track?

    i started out riding quads and i dont think there that bad, its the people that are annoying not the vehicle. Im not that good driving a quad or a dirtbike (atleast not yet) and i know it. I never go riding out at tracks or in front of peoples pits. so dotn take out ur anger on quads but on the ppl that drive them
  11. NoobWolf626

    Would you buy these graphics?

    I wouldnt buy graphics for my bike no matter what they look like. in my opinion graphics are just a waste of money. they dotn make ur bike go fast or run strong. plus they never last. cause they start to peel or melt and then it just looks like crud.
  12. NoobWolf626


    what is OLN? is it on cable, or dish?
  13. NoobWolf626

    POLL: What brand of bike do you own?

    gotta have a Honda, suzuki is cool too
  14. NoobWolf626

    new XR250 tips

    thnks guys, ill keep that in mind
  15. NoobWolf626

    new XR250 tips

    I started rideing a 05 suzuki z250 and a z400 and i recently bought an 00 XR250 with a white brothers exhaust pipe and renthal bars. And its alot differant than a quad. so far ive crashed once and bent the stock bars like putty with a second degree burn (maybe thrid). I ride out in the desert where there is plenty of very loose rocks and and sand. I love the bike but the hight combined with the weight i find make it dificult to control. do any of u guys have any tips riding or maintaining the bike? littlewolf