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  1. Our friend DJ has a 5.5 mile loop, a fig 8, an oval, moto and enduro x tracks and a grass track in Eastern Ga. It's our "go to' place when all the other trails are too wet. All sand and fun when wet! Flip it on 720 and jack your volume.
  2. it's a 250 and will be my first install. thanks in advance. r.
  3. r_benner

    Ga. Woods Single Track Video

    Cool. Oldest guy in our circle of riders is also 65. I have seen 70+ year old riders at dual sport rides as well. Gives me hope for my future in riding. Never give it up!
  4. Hey sorry... I just now saw your reply. Here's the flyer from 2015: http://www.usdualsports.com/2015/03/2015-renfro-valley-dual-sport-flyer.html It will be about the same time in 2016 as well.
  5. The first rider in this video is 64 years old. He built and maintains this 23 mile trail near his home. So cool of him to share with this fun loving crowd. Change the quality setting to 1080HD and run the volume up.
  6. Almost 200 miles if riding in one weekend. This is my 2nd year. Every time I go it doesn't rain so i'll have to go forever now. Not a problem! Click the HD setting if your junk can handle it.
  7. I am buying one with 2 hrs on it this Friday. Never had a KTM before so I'd like to know where it needs to go and what color Loctite please.
  8. r_benner

    Oil migrating from engine to trans.

    Vent tube is clear. Wife thought I was nuts on the ground blowing into it...(oil cap removed) Crank seal is in correctly. I drain that brown liquid from head vent regularly. Thanks for the reply. I've been PMing with a member who suggested piston blow by over pressurizing the case. It was totally due for a top end and now I have the parts. Going to start with that then work my way down inspecting if needed.
  9. r_benner

    Oil migrating from engine to trans.

    My 06 finally developed the deal where oil migrates from the trans to the engine a few weeks ago. I replaced the crankshaft and balancer seals and it fixed this migration direction but NOW it goes from the engine to the trans... I used OEM seals and seated the crank seal flush and not in too far. The balancer seal was easy enough so I think I got that one right also but I did not apply any grease to the outer edge first. Could that cause engine oil to migrate to the trans? should I try that one again or is it more likely another seal somewhere? Anybody been through this?
  10. r_benner

    OEM Chain/Masterlink Question

    06 model. You may know the OEM chain (# 40540-KSC-003) is made by DID but is thinner than std 520 chains. Anyone weird like me who likes to pay waaaaaaaaay too much for this chain but does not want to pop $70 for a rivet tool? I'd like to find a clip style masterlink to fit this chain. Anybody have any leads? r_
  11. oops, I misread your reply. you did say check the crank seal while I was in there and not balancer... thanks for explaining the symptom. ron
  12. come to think of it, I don't remember a balancer seal on the right side and can't find one on the parts finder