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  1. Well persistence pays off! I let the bike sit for a while while I took care some other things but was thinking about what could be wrong. It was so obvious, the new aftermarket CDI I bought was garbage. I popped the old one back in and it fired right up. Only the coil had gone bad. The readings in the CDI don't match whats in the manual but whatever...I just put 5 trouble free miles on the bike. Only thing that needs attention is the speedo cable, it shrieks over 40mph. I'll have that taken care of in no time. Everything else works like a charm. Bike shifts easy and accurately, clutch is smooth. Brakes.......work haha. I've been spoiled by dual disk, dual piston Brembos for quite a while now, it did get better as it started to bed in and the crap started to wear off the rotor. All in all very pleased with myself! Here's the vid of its first ride in 21 years. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B74n5zSfHlifbDdtV2JLT05HNm8/view?usp=sharing
  2. So after letting it sit for a few days I decided to try again. This time it sputtered a few times and I actually thought it was going to start. It didn't though and I had to give the starter a break after a while. By messing with the idle screw and not giving it any throttle I can get it to sputter or even run for a second or 2 but thats the best I can seem to get out of it. I have much better results when it's hooked to the jeep while its idling, seems to like the extra voltage. Using the choke doesn't help. It actually will do nothing at all when its on so maybe there's an issue with it? Also, what I though was popping seems to be the bike firing once but not doing anything resulting in the starter disengaging and then engaging again. Sooooooooo....any input would be really appreciated. Keep in mind it ran fine before suddenly losing spark. Putting a new CDI and coil on it seems to have fixed the spark but these were both the aftermarket parts I linked to a few posts back.
  3. Well it now has spark and is getting fuel. Cranks fine although I think the starter clutch may be going out as I'm starting to hear a loud pop on the left side when it cranks...maybe the battery is low from all the cranking and the starter is disengaging, haven't checked yet. Still nothing, not even a sputter. I'm not sure where to go from here or if its worth continuing putting money into this thing.
  4. Heh I've played the shitty fuse box game before. My old 1984 FJ600 had one that Satan himself designed. I had all my lights go out at 1AM on the freeway once. Never could get it sorted out other than if I pounded on the block with my hand they would work for a few days. Sold the bike soon after that. Looks like the CDI is out for delivery!
  5. Yeah I tried that during the initial troubleshoot. Replacement coil came today. Aftermarket so not an exact fit but pretty close. I had to make a little ground jumper from it to the frame. CDI will be here tomorrow or Thursday.
  6. Fuses are good. Fuse holder seems like it's in fine shape. From what I've read in the manual there are only 2 right? The ones that hang off the airbox? Or is there another block somewhere I'm not aware of?
  7. Checked the resistances. Coil is off but close. CDI is way off on a few of the pins. I have replacements for both on the way. I guess it's not all that uncommon for these to just give up the ghost.
  8. Well I have bigger problems now. For some reason there is no spark anymore. Literally one minute to the next, I changed nothing with the electrical system or ignition system. I pulled the coil and checked all the connections...everything seems fine. I took apart the spark plug wire and it all seems good as well. I removed the resistor in the wire and replaced it with a bit of metal just to see if that had gone bad, but no, nothing. Super frustrating! Any Ideas? New Coil? New CDI? It seems both are not very expensive. Would like some opinions before opening my wallet though. Found this: automotivepartsfactory.com/p/Caltric-Cdi-Module-Fits-Kawasaki-Kl600-Klr600-600cc-Engine-1985-1986-Motorcycle-93064222.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw5PDLBRB0EiwAh-27MiOQsNy3cl6hy1TRT_eQpwEdTFl3840X7lBBr3QC5w9OK_qbAiX5RRoCz6cQAvD_BwE And this: ebay.com/itm/NEW-IGNITION-COIL-FOR-KAWASAKI-KLR600-KL600-ZZR250-EX250-MOTORCYCLE-84-85-86-07-/172719020408?hash=item2836db1978
  9. They do look almost the same. I bought a set of cheapies just to get it passed inspection. Will look into getting some originals eventually though.
  10. It Runs! Put some gas in with a bottle I have rigged up and it fired after after some cranking. Was way easier to get going than I thought it would be, then again with a completely refreshed carb I suppose it should have been easy. It's getting very close to test ride worthy. I gave it an oil and filter change after this video was shot. Last night I replaced the master cylinder and flushed out the line and caliper before refilling with some fresh DOT3 and putting on new brake pads. The only bigish job left is to clean out the tank, I've decided to go the electrolysis route on that one. After that, it's install new petcock, turn signals, the new battery and then take it for a spin!
  11. I have brake pads, a new master cylinder, new air filter, and a carb rebuild kit on the way. Once I get it started, running and stopping ok, I'm going to replace/fix the turn signals and start on the DMV paperwork. I verified that it's not in the California DMV system so it shouldn't be to hard to get a new title for it with a bill of sale. Is there a way to replace just the rubber stalk pieces that rotted away in the heat rather than put aftermarket signals on? I want to keep it as original looking as I can.
  12. I just lucked into a free, low mileage , 1985 KLR600! The bike has been sitting in a garage since 1996. I was told someone started to work on it back in the early 2000s but didn't get much further than taking off the tank and plastic and installing a new battery. The bike is great shape and is mostly complete. The only thing missing that I've seen is the petcock. I'm going to post my progress and experiences getting this bike back into ridable shape here.