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  1. Hey Cowboy, how do you know sstockton is spreading myths? You are admittedly a Gasser and dont know much about diesels as you have said else where, so quit sticking your head into subjects that you dont know about, otherwise you'll end up looking dumb.
  2. Cut it with the sales figures. All sales figures mean is that that company is advertising better. It has nothing to do with the quality of the truck. I work at a motorcycle dealership, and most people buy what they think sounds best from what TV tells them. Anyway, I agree with sstockton, they are all great trucks and buy what you think is best.
  3. I had no problem reading it!
  4. Yeah, I had a chevy gasser, motor was great, it was a 98 blazer on the s10 frame, I loved the way that it drove, and all of that good stuff, however my tranny died at 60k, my electrical system died at 85k, and a lot of other little things went wrong. So i'm a little gun shy of them. However, up until that point I loved it. And my dodge was 10years old with 160k, and not a single problem, Oh the fuel gauge was a little finicky. But I just really liked them after that. so thats all.
  5. Yeah I agree, People aren't recruitting us, you guys just can't defend the d-max. Cowboy, I would still like to see your facts that you have, you said you had some, where are they. You and your little sidekick Mx221 are just desperately trying to salvage your self from a losing battle. That is why you are attacking people for their grammar. I mean &%$#@! the internet is the home of a lack of Grammar. Why do you think there has been so much short hand invented for use it. I.E. LOL, BTW, and all that junk. No body on the internet cares about grammar. So realize that you can't back up what you said, or just stop talking, you are just making yourselves look bad.
  6. Go to this is a free forum centered around the duramax. I just joined, and thats where I'm learning these things about it. I guess that GM is aware of this casting flaw and now pressuring Isuzu to change casting methods for the D-max. I have also heard some people saying they've heard of someone making 800hp on a single turbo D-max. I don't know how true this is. But if they fix this block problem, the d-max may be a force to be reckoned with, the heads are capable of flowing a lot more air than the dodge. also the low horse power numbers you are refering to, have a much higher torque figure and the compression level is a lot higher. I believe the D-max runs about 17:1 compression and this motor was running water meth injection(I think) which also boosts compression. With a Horse power figure of around 700, you are probably looking at 1200-1400 Ft. lbs. of torque, so and higher heat since diesel burns at 25% higher BTU's than gas, the added heat and torque probably puts different stresses on the motor than you experience in a gas motor. However, I don't know a whole lot about building gas engines.
  7. Here it is, the is originally from "The Diesel Place" forum The duramax is starting to crack blocks and bend rods in the 600-700hp range. What i've read however is that GM knows this now, and beefed up the 06's.
  8. I have read up on it, and I can't find anything that convinces me. I just thought he said he had some facts that would hit us in the face, I just can't find any. Like of said before and I'll say again. The duramax is a great engine, I may goes as far as to say that in a bone stock application, or even with a chip and exhaust it is a better choice than the cummins. As far as reliability goes, Isuzu makes a very good diesel, and I think it will hold up a long time. However, I don't want a truck with a box and an exhaust. I'm going to build a twin turbo sled puller/ drag racer, pushing 800hp with drugs. I personally don't feel that the duramax can handle that do to small engine components. So, I think the duramax is fine, just not for my application. Just don't say dodges suck, because in a Highly modified situation, it will show the duramax who is boss. When I finish my truck I'll find someone with a chevy that doesn't mind being towed a backwards and I'll put up some nice vids for you.
  9. K chevy I am currently in the market for a new truck, so I would like to hear your side of the arguement, if you can come up with a good reason for me to buy a duramax I will. So don't just answer my brothers questions with snide remarks about how easy it is to tell what kind of bike you had, I want to know how a chevy will smoke a dodge without smoking its motor. I am planning on building my next truck to 750 or 1000 hp. So find me a chevy doing that, I want to talk to some one and maybe I'll do one of those. i've already had A high HP dodge, but I don't want to test the limits of a chevy and make an expensive mistake
  10. Ok, Just started reading about the D-max 7800 that isuzu is releasing. This sounds like it might have some more potential. does anyone know about this motor. You Duramax guys, Now is your time to shine. I'm a dodge kind of guy and I'd hate to know more about this than you.
  11. Im not upset, he was just saying that most of us probably dont ride. Plenty of us have proven, to the extent that you can on the internet, that we do ride; however he has yet to say a thing about his own bike, so I just want to know what he rides.
  12. Site some facts that will hit me in the face, I'm ready bring it on. If you can prove to me that that isuzu will out last or out perform a cummins, I will gladly switch, but it has to be a solid proven statement backed up by where you got the facts. I just don't think you have the evidence to support it. On a side note, does anyone have a duramax with over 120K, I'm curious to see how that Pintol injection system is holding up. don't take this with a sarcastic tone, I'm actually curious. I've heard that the pintol system tends to gum up injectors at around 120K and I just don't know anyone with that many miles on there Duramax.
  13. Ok, cool your dad has a duramax. Awesome. Its a good truck, and does everything he needs and gets decent fuel milage. However the dodge is just as good of a truck in most aspects, but they all have there high points, so really don't have an attitude. You might not, have such an attitude problem if you spent your time socializing off of the internet. You'd get your punk ass kicked a couple of times and that would straighten you right out. However. You've dedicated all your time to becoming a gold member or whatever you are. So yeah make some real friends
  14. Ok "cowboy", what kind of bike do you ride and what kind of riding do you do?