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    umm i rebuild motos
  1. mitchellcrf150

    cr125 shocks

    i just got my cr125 2001 and im too light i way 117pound or 56kg i just need to know with screws adjust wat setting on the forks
  2. mitchellcrf150

    230 Float adjustment help.

    sorry about that guys my computer froze and i hit enter
  3. mitchellcrf150

    230 Float adjustment help.

    I Would Take A Bullet For Raquel
  4. mitchellcrf150

    Question about jumping

    tha biggest jump ive done is a 50-60 ft tabletop if ya land it smooth on a down ramp your fine
  5. mitchellcrf150

    new or stock stickers

    o yea good idea thanks for that
  6. mitchellcrf150

    Just curious what year is tye best CR125?....

    ive rode the cr125 2001, 2003, 2004 there is realy nothink between them the 2001 felt a little less pick up but the 2003 and 2004 felt the same
  7. mitchellcrf150

    new or stock stickers

    Ive been selling my bike for about 3 weeks and a few guys have a look one block is really into it and he said he will most likely pick it up next week so i went for a goodbye ride and woops a crashed !!!!!!!!!!!! and it total trashed the stickers on one side and i was gonna buy a new stock crf150 sticker kit but it is more expensive then most after market sticker kits even one ind.. and all that, so I'm thinking witch one to go with and what to tell the guy if i get a different kit??????????
  8. mitchellcrf150

    CRF 150 (motorcross action mag.)

    im 5,9 but i only know im 54 kilograms
  9. mitchellcrf150

    150 on an MX track

    yea i ride an mx track and i clear all jumps and there is a 56ft, as long as you make the downramp the bike will be fine you just dont wanna get some huge air and flat land it
  10. mitchellcrf150

    Dirt Bike/Feb 06 - Full review of the CRF150F

    i use to have a rear bbr spring but i was to light and it just tossed me around but i got a 125 now i just use the crf150 for a bit of fun
  11. mitchellcrf150

    Dirt Bike/Feb 06 - Full review of the CRF150F

    ive put the heavest for oil in my crf150 and it still bottoms even tho i way nothink no matter wat you do the stock crf150 forks will always bottom out
  12. mitchellcrf150

    what to ask for a used CRF230

    ive got a crf150 2005 for sale for $4200 but that is australian so i dont think that helps you much
  13. mitchellcrf150

    CRF230 no go?

    if ya only 5,7 ya might wanna shave some fome off your seat but then if you take to much off it will fell stupid try to ride it sitting down but but there is not a problem riding if ya feet cant touch just take it easy for a while but if your going from a 230 to and 250r yea you will only be going easy for a while any who
  14. mitchellcrf150


    yea i saw in tha mag transworld that the crf250r won top bike of the year but if ya like the blue go for it as long as you dont get a kx lol
  15. mitchellcrf150

    KX rear shock and etc. (PICS)

    nice nice nice makes me fell like burning my 150 lol