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    01yz250f will not start

    I just bought a 2001 yz250f a couple of weeks ago with the original tires still in nearly new condition. It started the first or second kick, by just kicking it like a two stroke, when I test road it. When I took it on an actual trail ride I ended up turning the idle down because I thought it was idling too high as compared to the KTM I had just come off from. After I did that I could not get the bike to start. Needless to say I was pissed and I didn't put 2 and 2 together!! I made a trip to the local yamaha service counter and they told me to turn the idle screw in to where the bike will be idling around 2,000rpm and it will probably start. Then keep turning the idle down to the point where it is almost hard starting again. I tried it and it starts first or second kick hot or cold now. Hope this helps. I will be checking the valves too.
  2. I have three rides on my Rekluse autoclutch and feel it was worth the price. I ride alot of single track with rock ledges/step-ups and pine tree roots all while on a hill side and I have found that I can just crawl right over the top of the obstructions with out over revving or stalling the bike. I can concentrate more on balance. If you've ridden long enough, using the clutch becomes instinctive depending on the situation but not having to even think about it now increase the fun factor for me, especially brake sliding.