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  1. That's exactly what it was the slide plate on the slide Thanks!!!!! Made a lot of sense after I looked at the way it fit on there. Now just have to get the jetting cleaned up.
  2. Yep-Put new pilot jet in. Fuel screw--u mean the one on the bottom of the carb which I replaced with a Tusk?--If so the washer, oring and spring are on it. I also took the TPS off and still does the same thing. I am really getting disgusted. The only good thing is that I can get the carb off in about 10 to 15 minutes now from the bike being totally together. Then back on and together in about 20, those throttle cable give me some trouble with my carpel tunnel...
  3. Picked up a 2004 wr250f a few weeks back that sat for about 4 years. Cleaned the carb, put new diaphragm in and adjusted squirt. Did the grey wire mid, cut throttle stop and put on power core t4 pipe. Did jetting based on research on TT---currently 45 pilot, 180 main, stock needle 4th clip from top, 40 leak jet and adjusted float. Bike fired right up first kick after two prime shots. So the issue is doesn't seem to run like it should with choke off. Coughs alot and have to mess with throttle to keep it running. I've had the thing off about five times and cleaned everything that I could think of. semms to me like it would be on the pilot circuit but can't seem tom figure it out. Agghhh I'm so frustrated....Any ideas or suggestions?? Thanks in advance.
  4. Goofy problem. Front turn signals are not working. I have used a test light to check the wires and the test light blinks when test light is attached to negative battery terminal and the signal wire. Then when I put a bulb in (and yes I have tried numerous bulbs), they don't blink. This makes no sense to me. I have also checked the ground with the test light lead on the positive terminal of the battery and the ground wire and it lights up. Any other ideas. Help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Husky TE 250 following Yamaha 250 YZF Picking our way through a Rocky Creek
  6. This thing is a HOOT
  7. ktmdrz400

    09 TE450 Headlight / Tailight issue

    I just went through a similar thing on my 2009 TE250. Starter button worked intermittently. Then starter worked, but the blinkers didn't blink. I cleaned all connectors and ground. Still blinkers didn't work. I spliced a wire into the negative wire on one of the blinkers and grounded it to one of the bolts on the triple clamp. You can never have too manyb grounds. Everything works now. You might have a bad connection for the headlight. Splice into the ground that goes to the head light and then ground on triple clamp bolt.
  8. ktmdrz400

    Indicator lights

    Disconnect, clean and reconnect. Might also check your ground.
  9. Got this TTR 125 for my son and he has shown no interest yet So...-I started and finished some of the basic mods and took it out this afternoon for it's virgin ride Mods Follow: Cut the Airbox and Rejet BBR High Flow Air Filter BBR Pipe BBR Heavy Duty Front Fork Spring Springs BBR Heavy Duty Rear Shock Spring BBR Triple Clamps BBR Frame Cradle BBR Chain Guide What a freak'in blast this thing is. It's amazing what this thing will do in the woods with an old 250lb fat guy riding it. Hope you enjoy!!!
  10. ktmdrz400

    TTR 125 First Impression for tight Woods Riding

    I know I'm a little heavy for the bike:lol:... In the woods it's great. It's not fast like my KTM 525 or 250 on the straights. In the tight stuff, like going through trees that only have 30 inches between them I can go pretty quick and I definately go as fast through that stuff as any big bike.. I agree also that it is more fun riding the smaller bike. Part of it I think is that the center of gravity is so low to the ground, you can just rail though the turns. Another thing I like is that there is no wheel spin at all.
  11. Just got back from my first ride ever on the TTR 125. I did the: Airbox mod with correct jetting 17.5 Pilot and 110 Main BBR frame cradle BBR pipe BBR High Flow Air filter BBR chain guard BBR Front and Rear Heavy Duty Fork and Shock Springs BBR Fork upper Triple Clamp GYTR Tall seat I was SMILING from ear to ear. What a blast this thing is in the woods. I weigh 250 lbs and it has plenty of power in first and second gear to lift the front end over big logs. The suspension was like it was made for tight woods riding in 2nd and 3rd gear. The rebound on the shock even works. Power delivery is like perfect. Real smooth and just chugs right along. The only things I think I will do is put 15 weight oil in the front forks and get one of those stainless steel front brake lines. I’m not breaking any speed records, but think I could keep up with the boys on the big bikes unless they get into the real gnarley rocky stuff or go up the steep uphills. So far, including the purchase of the bike I have $1,100 invested. The only items I had to buy new was the BBR frame cradle and the BBR high flow air filter. The rest I got on Craigslist. This thing is all about having fun and grinning from ear to ear:ride:
  12. ktmdrz400

    Installed 110 Jet in 125 and runs worse

    Sounds silly, but did you put fresh gas in it?? Old fuel will makes this happen. With a 17.5 pilot, 110 main, airbox mod and high flow filter, new plug, the TTR should be running like champ.. Could be an electrical problem cutting out like that. CDI might be going bad. It's the little box on the left side of the frame under the triple clamps and in front of the tank.
  13. ktmdrz400

    What Jets?

    You need to remove the screen behind the air filter and remove the snorkle on top of the air box and open up the top of the air box with a same size hole as the one that the snorkle has been removed from and it will fire right up. Put a 110 main in. Search for air box mods here.
  14. ktmdrz400

    wow ttr125's really are corked up.

    Just Picked one of these up. a 2001 for $550, bone stock, with original everything. I did my research on here before I made the purchase. THXS!!! Anyway, I took 22 kicks to start the first time when I looked at it. I did the airbox mod and rejetted 17.5 pilot and 110 Main and is started 2nd kick. This will be a continual project for me. I ride tight the tight and nasty stuff in the woods and want to ultimately get this out there and have some fun with it. Looks like I will have more money on mods than what I purchased the bike for....First, I'm getting a BBR Pipe and chain guard.. already found and am waiting for them to be dilivered. Found a kx KX front end set up and waithing or tha also. Then will do the rear end with heavier spring and raise it up to match the front, frame cradle, tall seat then out to the tight stuff. Did I miss anything????