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  1. JEB1962

    Suzuki DR-Z400 2004

    2007 drz400s.
  2. JEB1962

    Suzuki DR-Z400 (2004)


    2007 drz400s.
  3. JEB1962

    Spark Arrestor Mishap

    The real restriction is the header on the S/SM exhaust. If you don't need to rejet with an aftermarket can then surely you won't need to rejet with the spark screen out of the stock can. On second thought, I think a James Dean rejet kit and a 3x3 hole cut in the air box is needed.
  4. JEB1962

    two week old 2013 drz400sm electrical issues!

    Low voltage to the display will cause it to flash on and off. Check the fuse holder connections and the plug where it goes into the wiring harness just past the fuse holder. I'd also check the R/R plug and do the Free Power Mod to get full voltage to the battery. 12.9 V doesn't seem bad but it could be better with the Free Power Mod. It could also be a bad solder connection inside the display unit. The stator checks are pretty easy to do to verify it is in proper working order.
  5. JEB1962

    Rear SM sub frame questions...

    I'd let the inurance cover the cost of a new one and if possible repair the old one. They bend pretty easy, just look over it real good for stress cracks first.
  6. US Navy 1981-1987. I was an Engineman and worked in the diesel engine rooms of the Amphibious Group in Little Creek, Virginia. I had the best times while I was attached to the Beach Maters Unit Two group stationed there.
  7. JEB1962

    My drz stalls and idk why!

    It's not that uncommon to happen and there have been more than just a few people asking that question. The 3x3 mod and rejet may help but an FCR carb would solve the problem because it squirts the fuel into the engine instead of needing the vacum like the mikuni.
  8. JEB1962

    Weep hole/ hole on left side of drz400

    Except... letting it get plugged up then if it holds water you could get some trouble from it.
  9. JEB1962

    Wiring harness pinch

    It has been an issue a time or two of causing an "open" wire there. I'm not sure if anyone came up with a "fix" other than just being aware of it and keeping an eye on it.
  10. JEB1962

    Anyone Using a Windscreen

    I have a big windscreen from Parabellum. I bought it for winter riding but wound up using it all the time. It is big and a lot of folks don't like it it but it works great.
  11. JEB1962

    Problem with my DRZ400S (Please help)

    Ok then, you have a stock engine, how many miles? What happened to the clutch basket to cause it to need to be replaced and how did you determine the clutch plates were still good? The gasket you replaced, was it the head to jug gasket or the head to valve cover gasket? Exactly where is it leaking?
  12. JEB1962

    Problem with my DRZ400S (Please help)

    I'm wondering if the engine has been modified with a big bore and stroked crank kit, what caused the clutch basket problem and if you put in new clutch plates.
  13. JEB1962

    Cold Weather riding gear?

    I spent a couple NJ winters figuring out how to stay warm on my Z. A big windshield works wonders, heated handgrips with some kind of covering over the hand grip controls with decent gloves, no steel toed work boots, a decent pair of full coveralls over thermals, street clothes with a coat, cover this with a windproof outer covering like leather or a good rainsuit. I also had a full face helmet with a baclava and a scarf. Use a good anti-fog treatment on the face shield. The wind proof outer covering and an airspace underneath to hold the body warmth in is the key. Hands and feet are tougher depending on your tolerance. I rode 5 NJ winters this way, the only thing that stopped me was snow or ice on the road. At trafficlights and stop signs, I had a few people ask me if I was crazy lol.
  14. JEB1962

    2008sm exhaust

    Yes, it will fit.
  15. JEB1962

    What's your opinion on these graphics?

    I like the ones showing on the video. I don't think I'd like the grey and I'm not too excited about wheeling's. Those side covers are so shiny, did you buff the plastic to get them that way or are they painted?