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    Feedback on Dirty Poker Run

    First of all, thanks to the club and landowners for hosting the event, and my sympathy to the family and friends of the fallen rider. I did not learn of the incident until this morning. I rode with a group of five from the westside and we all appreciated the opportunity to get out of the rain for an event. Since you're asking for feedback, I'll relay the two main comments I heard out on the course. First, more than a few riders got lost in the 'dune area'. Not exactly many trees to post signs on, but maybe someone has a clever idea for flags or ribbon posts at strategic corners or intersections. Second, how about a headstart for the bikes? Some of the quads, (bless their hearts), were really zoomin', but it caused a lot of congestion on the first loop. 15-20 minutes??? Pretty minor stuff really. I had a blast!!!