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  1. drop a stroker crank and a close ratio tranny. Very reliable and lots of power:ride:
  2. I have both 2 and 4 stroke and I like them both for different reasons. As said before 4 strokes are heavier, more expensive to maintain but have a lot of grunt down low which makes them fun. 2 strokes are lighter and actually "feel" half the weight when you ride them...and have lots of power when you rev them up.
  3. That's so horrible. I'm so sorry. RIP
  4. California

    +1 on the "not friendly for novice rider" It's not a super hard area to ride but may and will be overwhelming for a total novice. As mentioned above the only very easy trail is the connecting trail between fish and troy camps
  5. California

    whooohooo....will be there AFTER 4th of July.... should be a ghost town:ride:
  6. intake leak? You're running tooo lean. that's why you need the choke to richen the mixture
  7. Well, Yamaha uses titanium because they are lighter, hence less valve float and high rpms. Can you get titanium valves for your bike? 450X guys like SS valves cause they last longer, not necessarily because they rev better. just my $ .02
  8. clutch tool and impact wrench make it super easy
  9. Well according to honda trailbikes, they have a kit available for the 70 with stock head it's towards the bottom of this page: http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=26
  10. i got 159 hours on my WR450. one valve adjustment. It's actually more like 170 hours cause I didn't install the hour meter after 2 or 3 rides.
  11. I got 115 hours on my xcw200 and still running strong. I'll take the top end apart when the hour meter hits 150
  12. California

    is drink water opened all the way to Bouquet canyon???
  13. California

    Wayne, I 've never communicated with you directly but I wanna thank you now for doing all the work that you do to keep the trails open. We need more folks like you!!!!!!! keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ^^^^ ask me how I knew that....heee heee heee