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  1. i would go with the yz. i rode my friends kawi for the weekend and it was a good bike, but...it didn't have much power compared to my new yz i just bought, that thing kust pulls and pulls, great handling, what more can i say. GO WIT THE YZ250F.
  2. i am about to go down to my locale dealer and purchase a kx250f. what should i know before i buy the bike. tell my everything i should know. thanks.
  3. does anyone know where i can get red bull graphics for my 250sx-f?
  4. how many hours do you guys check the 250x valves?
  5. SWEEEEEET looking bike
  6. i know that all 250fs are higher reving and require more maintenance then other bikes but before i jump into a 250sx-f how much $ is the maintenance: as in valves a top end and all that sort of stuff? thanks.
  7. i currently ride a 03 125sx and i'm looking to purchase a 250sx-f. About how much are they out the door. And my other question is on maintenance: how often do you guys check the valves, how many hours does it take till the valves need adjusting, and about what is the cost on maintenance on this bike? thanks.
  8. WOW very nice bike