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  1. I "did" nothing. I switched to running on synthetic oil and the ticking stopped.
  2. Sounds like a sticky valve to me. Mine did the same thing.
  3. Mudshark

    DR650 Service Manual

    Shawn, Very nice of you to do this for everyone. Thanks. Roald.
  4. Mudshark

    Who's got good tire prices these days?

    Thanks for that link, good prices. I can get either MT's or 606's for around $120 for a set.
  5. XR650R - need fresh Dual sportish tries (D606 or MT21). Looking for a good deal with an Internet store. Heck, I'd settle for a set of good HT tires at this point. Thanks.
  6. Mudshark

    Surging problem fix

    What have you done with your air screw? Have you pulled the plug and adjusted it ?
  7. Mudshark

    My Pig is sick...

    Thanks, I found 2 things, The pilot circuit was indeed gummed up a bit. but the exhaust valves had tightened up too much as well. (hence the back firing) I cleaned the carb and reset the valves (PITA exhaust side) and it fires up nice and easy again. The was the first time I've have to adjust the exhaust valves in 6K miles, so it's not too bad I guess. At least this means that they have "seated" in now. Roald.
  8. Mudshark

    My Pig is sick...

    Yes it will idle and runs fine when rolling at Partial and full throttle. However, after Idling for a while it'll just cut out and be hard to start up again after that. I haven't checked the plug, but the pipe is a tad black (as usual) so that end (main jet) seems okay / normal. Roald.
  9. Mudshark

    My Pig is sick...

    '06 XR 650 R I rode my Pig about a month back.... yeah I know, I should ride more.... but a man has to work Anyhow, When I rode it last it started up real easy and ran great (as usual) I tried to start it yesterday and it took about 30 kicks to fire it up. I figured it was old gas, so I gave it fresh gas with a dose of Stable. It seems to run fine when I can get it running, it's very hard to start and will back fire (real loud) during the starting process. I know all about the "kick to clear" and hot start stuff, but I think I have old gas / gummed up pilot circuit or something because apart from the hard start, at least 50% of the time, If I blip the throttle it'll just die and be really hard to start after that. I'm going to clean out the carb in the morning and check the valves, the back firing has me a bit worried. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Roald.
  10. Mudshark

    650R.... one nice bike.

    15 X 45 Gives you good long legs and enough slow speed (just) it gets a bit hairy in woods / twisty stuff, it's a bit tall for that, but it's DS not woods riding. For woods I run 15 X 48, it works better, although 14 X 48 is best for tight stuff, but too much effort to swap both front and back sprockets for one ride I was running 606's back and front, but now I run a Kings KT-966 on the back. Crappy off road but at least I get more than 400miles out of a tire this way.
  11. Mudshark

    650R.... one nice bike.

    hehe... sorry.. I forgot to mention the face ache as well
  12. Mudshark

    650R.... one nice bike.

    Honda 650 R, what other bike can you go on a dual sport ride on and go from 100+ mph black top twisty stretches to low speed technical river crossings to jumping In and out of creaks and over logs and wallow in the mud all in one morning? Man I tell you guys this, the 650R is a nice bike. I just got back from a 184mile DS ride with a buddy of mine …. We had a blast! He has a new WR450 (magic bike also) we left at 7am and were back for 11am Had a couple of beers and washed the bike down…. isn’t life grand?? We had so much fun… we didn’t even take pics…. Hell we didn’t even stop For a pee hehe! I have put almost 6K miles of DS on this bike now and love it more each time I ride it.
  13. Mudshark

    I'm a DAD!!!

    Congratulation Fenty! Rugby forever!!
  14. Mudshark

    KX 125 - maintenance manual

    David, It's in the mail (USPS Priority) They did charge $7.00 for it though. $4.60 is for letters only, this is a manual / book.... woulda been cheaper via UPS. Should get to you in 2 or 3 days. Roald.
  15. Mudshark

    KX 125 - maintenance manual

    Thanks David, I'll drop by the post office tomorrow at lunch time and get it off via Priority mail.