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  1. I am a 190lb's intermediate motocross rider living in the UK and have a YZF450 2008 US import and i am about to send my forks and shock for service but before i send it and ask for it to be revalved Can any body tell me what the difference is between US suspension and UK suspension???? The one thing i do know is the spring rates are the same but the valve/shim stacks are different. Don't get me wrong the bike rides great and doe's not bottom out and uses all the travel on the forks and shock
  2. Hello I have got an 08 yzf450 US import and looking on a web link i have found the CDI units are dirrerant for the uk as any one got ideas on what the diferance is..........Thanks http://www.yamaha-motor.com.mx/Manual_Partes/Catalogos/Cross/YZ450F/2S2C_2008.pdf
  3. Before i start hello to all I live in the uk and just got my self a 08 YZ450F and i have found out it's a US import after looking on the tinternet i found a web site that says the CDI units are differant so as any one got any ideas what the diferance is.