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  1. there seems to be quite a bit of effort involved in mounting a turbo on one of these bikes. check out this write up. http://www.btinternet.com/~goosegog/turbodax.htm
  2. definetly the WORKS performance 11.75" shock. It is the only one out now that will raise the back to match the front, and it is an awsome feeling shock too. Check it out im my garage, i'm running bbr internals in the front...
  3. Its nice, but it REALLY needs a +4 swinger or a 12 in the back.
  4. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=26624
  5. JB Weld will work, make sure its clean before you do it.
  6. from what ive been told - XR70 - 19mm/22mm valves Old TB - 20mm/23mm valves New TB - 22mm/25mm valves
  7. You should let PRC go all out and do a nice port job on your head too. I'm going to send my cases and ignition and there going to build me a full 4 speed/manual clutch 128cc engine from for $1075.
  8. loose\n up the bolts for the bottom tripple clamps, as well as the ones on the top clamp and bar mounts. wiggle it around until it looks straight, and tighten it back up.
  9. ^ lol. hey q, just curious, why are you going to use a CRF50 top end?
  10. Those are the pics from before he did his engine.... if you were being serious.
  11. All the damping rods do is raise the front an inch, and "supposedly" are valved different. To me, I thought that the CRF70 forks with heavy springs and rods w/ 30w oil was still on the soft side. The bike feals great with the WORKS shock and damping rods, and it gets rid of that long feeling.
  12. it will, but it will lower the back end on you 70 about .33". That shock is .25" shorter than the stock 70 one. For $260 you can get a nice shock from WORKS performance in either 10.75" (stock length) or 11.75" (raises backend 1.5").
  13. Try some "whitening" toothpaste and a damp rag. This is what I used on my old xr's, worked great. make sure you rub plenty hard though.
  14. the shock is amazing. They make 2 versions, a 10.75" (stock length) one and a 11.75" one. It raised up the back end 1.5" and feals great with the damping rods and springs. The best part is that it offers 5.5" of travel. it feals soo much better having 2" more travel than stock. DEFINETLY worth $260.
  15. ^^^ haha, nice bike heres mine http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=24368 Mods: Works Performance 11.75" shock BBR Damping rods and springs TBR Exhaust Protaper bars BBR Skidplate and its about to get a +4 swinger, kx60 forks, and a fully modded engine.