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  1. minimoto racer

    What's Better TT-230 or CRF230F?

    CRF-230 my friend has one and it's a beast it's really good on trails and good speed and it's okay at big jumps
  2. minimoto racer

    New Bike crf50

    That's crazy looks like fun
  3. minimoto racer

    50 or 70

    50's for sure because you can trick them out more than a 70
  4. minimoto racer

    Best looking bike contest*************

    WOW! thats a badass bike
  5. minimoto racer

    kick starter on 2004 tc450

    HEY,iam looking for xr70 tires anyone know any sites?
  6. You should go to BBRmotorsports.com they have some good big bore kits.
  7. minimoto racer

    anybody with 70's? help

    Hey i have a 2003 xr 70 and iam looking for bore kits and i found this website with a 80cc oversized bore kit and it's pretty cheap it's called powroll.com
  8. minimoto racer

    Is there a Bore Kit to go to a 70cc

    I haven't seen any but there is a website called powroll.com where there is a 80cc bore kit for cheap