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  1. CRF Deamon

    2006 Crf 250x

    My son currently has a 2005 CRF 150 and is quickly outgrowing it. He wants to move up to a CRF250X. (tried to talk him into the 230 but no go) My question is, I found a brand new 2006 CRF 250X leftover and they want 4699 for it. Was the 2006 a good bike as well? Does this sound like a good deal? Opinions welcome, Thanks.
  2. CRF Deamon

    Keihin Carb HELP

    Naw just normal gas. Does anyone know if the air striker solenoid can mess up or stay open or do I have an electrical problem maybe causing it to open?? Just a thought.
  3. CRF Deamon

    Keihin Carb HELP

    I have a 1998 Suzuki RM 250. Recently I have had problems with the keihin pwk carb leaking fuel out of the overflow. I took the carb off and readjusted the floats and cleaned all the jets, reinstalled and the same problem. I took the carb off and took it to a suzuki shop and they told me the needle seat was wore out and could not be replaced, I would need a new carb. So I bought a brand new Keihin carb put it on and it does the EXACT same thing! I took the bowl off and checked and readjusted the floats again and it still does the same thing. Helppp what am I missing?
  4. CRF Deamon

    CRF230 or 250?

    Thanks for all the input. You have made up My mind, I am going to go with the 250X. I put a call in to a local dealer to see what they had, they had a couple 2007's leftover that they wanted to deal on, They said they have not received the 2008's yet. Is there a big difference between the 07 or 08? If not I'll just go with the 07 and save a few bucks.
  5. CRF Deamon

    CRF230 or 250?

    Thats what I kind of wondered, if it might be too big of a jump...hes getting pretty good but he has only been on a bike for 2 years now. A lot more power than the 150? The 250 is not out of the question but I certainly don't want to buy him a bike he can't handle. Myself I ride a 250 2 stroke, always have always will, too old to change now *lol* He has ridden that but I can tell he's a little afraid of it. Shrugs....keep the comments coming
  6. CRF Deamon

    CRF230 or 250?

    Thanks for the quick replies, this is really a tough decision on my part (dad) because shortly after he gets a new bike he will be turning 16 and will want a car as well...The price difference between the 230 and the 250 may be a big deciding factor. Would he be happy going from a 2005 150 (kick start) to a 2008 230 electric start or would I never hear the end of not getting him a 250? He's not a racer and his buddies don't race so I'm pretty sure he won't go down that road he just loves to ride trails and has outgrown his 150. He is almost 6 feet and about 165-175. As you can tell I'm leaning towards the 230 but I'm just not sure.
  7. CRF Deamon

    CRF230 or 250?

    I bought my son a brand new CRF150 in 2005 which he learned to ride on. We did all the mods and now 2 years later he has gotten pretty good and wants to move up. He was 13 when I bought it he's 15 now. He does not race just rides trails with his buddies on bikes and quads and myself when I have the time. My question is would it be worth putting him on a 2008 CRF 230 or should I be looking at the 250's? Is the 230 that much of an upgrade from the 150? I don't mind buying the bike then dumping a few bucks in for mods but I don't want to buy the 230 if its only a little better than the 150? Thanks for any input.
  8. Just a quick question. My son is quickly out growing his 2005 CRF 150 and I am looking to get him a 2008 CRF 230. He does not race just rides trails, mud, etc. What is the better bike the 230L or 230F? He is 15 and weighs about 170 lbs. Thanks!
  9. CRF Deamon

    Dirtbiking is...

    Having fun with my son
  10. I had the Exact same problems with my sons o4 crf 150. After doing the power up mod (pilot and main jet) and removing the snorkel and baffle it solved all his starting problems. I bought the needle to but never did replace that.
  11. CRF Deamon

    Which exhaust?

    Any Dyno data on that Dr. D pipe yet??
  12. CRF Deamon

    Which exhaust?

    I'm looking to buy an exhaust for my sons 04 crf150 so please let me know when you finish testing the Dr. D Its going to be a christmas present for him
  13. CRF Deamon

    Rate your ability!!!!!!!!!!

    MX 5 Woods 9 Sand 7 Hill Climbing 10 Riding 36 years
  14. CRF Deamon

    Giving up road motorcycling?

    I totally understand. Im older than you but pretty much decided the same thing. Although I will never sell my street bike I don't ride it much anymore. My son and I have more fun on Our Dirtbikes.
  15. CRF Deamon

    Right or Wrong?

    You definitely did the right thing! If my son fell I'd be thankful to anyone who stopped to assist him. If Everyone had your attitude Our sport would appeal to more people