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  1. I use it on my Yukon W/ WW 17ft trailer, had it out in Mojave in Nov. wind speeds were about 50 to 60 mph.... East to West.... BEST DAMN HITCH ON THE MARKET! Hardley felt the trailer sway.... Spend the extra and get the Equalizer hitch....... I and friends were so impressed I had 3 buddies switch out their old stock hitches and buy the Equalizer.
  2. Nozzle condom.com has neoprene covers and nozzle condoms.... They work great and service was fast. Best thing I ever bought for my trailer..... Gave a bunch out for Christmas...... Its a Las Vegas based business.
  3. Thumpiddy

    IMS 3.2 gallon tank

    Little flatter area at the top of the tank. As for weight and dimensions, You will not notice at all. Not even if your prone to catching mad air. I am completely impressed with this mod. It is the way to go for long desert rides. P.S. dont get the 4.0 gallon.... Tried them both and didnt like the look or the feel of the much bulkier 4.0......
  4. Thumpiddy

    450X "security switch" Ideas? wiring help

    Turn your gas off, and pull the spark plug cap off! Criminals are stupid not mechanics!