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  1. guymx

    YZ 125 1983 Shock Adjuster

    Why didn’t I think of that ....... Do you have one for the 1983 shock because I can’t find anything??
  2. Hi, please could someone with this bike, send me a photo of the top shock adjuster with the cap removed? I think I am missing a part, seems like there should be a small bar which slides in the hole and then is moved up and down by the cap adjuster if you could also let me know the length and thickness of said bar, you will be my best friend forever! thanks
  3. Hi all, was doing an oil change this evening and have large metal fragments stuck to the drain plug magnet. Motor has done 50 hours, I change the oil and filter every 3 hours, the only difference being the last change I used Castrol Power 1 10W 50, where I normally use Motorex 10W 60. Drain plug thread is not stripped so I am puzzled on what might be the issue, and if I need to take the plunge and strip it down thanks
  4. Ok cool thanks very much. i think probably a 50 will be best for me
  5. guymx

    New 2017 RMZ 250 shock play

    Hi, we just build a new 250f fresh out the crate and there is free play on the shock, when u pull the back wheel up there is a clunking sound seems it's coming from the top. bolts are tight with torque paint mark from the factory has anyone else experienced this?? anything else to check on a new bike? thanks
  6. Hi, I am a heavy chap, 105KG without kit and am struggling with conflicting information and springs available. SXF 250 2017 Q-Springs chart says I need a 4.8N, which I have on the bike but cant get the sag (118mm rider sag at 9mm preload) Racetech calculator says a need a 5.4N Manual says I need a 4.8 - 5.0N So I purchased a 5.4N from K-Tech (UK) but for some reason they supply a 260mm long spring, compared to the standard length of 247mm. (I have tried to get an answer on this but no luck) I looked on the G-Force (UK) website and they also have 260mm long springs!? I have been trying to understand why the springs they sell are 13mm longer than the WP spring and if this would be an issue for the handling of the bike. Would anyone know??
  7. Went out and tried 155psi and the bike was sooooo much better, it turns and feels perfectly balanced. Shock felt good, I reset the sag again and have 32mm static sag and 104mm rider sag, but this is with only 5mm preload in on the spring (book says 9mm) so I think the spring is a bit too much for me
  8. Ok great, I will give it a try. Thanks both for your help
  9. Ok thanks, I'll try increasing and see if it makes a difference
  10. This could well be the issue, I had been dropping the front pressure to a point where the forks are compressing to about 1.5" before the base - which is 135psi
  11. Hi chaps, I purchased a new spring for my bike from KTech who recommended a 54. I have 32mm static sag with 102mm rider sag but on fast bumps it feels like I'm riding a brick and the back kicks up. Also it isn't cornering so great. I am 230lb without kit, c group rider. Is this the right spring or could it be too much as looking on the mx-tech seems I should be on more like a 4.8 Thanks
  12. guymx

    Powerparts tall seat

    Great thanks, its on order!
  13. guymx

    Powerparts tall seat

    Thanks very much Bruce, looks OK to me. Does it help??
  14. Hi, can anyone share a photo of a 16/17 sx/sxf with the powerparts tall seat fitted? At 6ft 2 am condsidering buying but don't want it to look like an armchair thanks
  15. guymx

    Trax shock

    Just installed a Trax shock to my 15 SXF 250 Can anyone tell me if its normal that the bike is very easy to lift / pull up from static sag As if the rebound isn't working for that part of the stroke Stock shock has resistance all the way up Thanks