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  1. A Honda CB600 and I love it! It is an 03 and has just the right enough power for me. My fellow riders have suggested I get a newer bike... my reply... Your always behind me... why?
  2. Learn the technique for the dirt start and concrete start. Start in the gear you know if you stall, you will never get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. D1PP1N is correct so for now
  4. Keep the pics coming guys. I am happy to judge. I am using a thumbs up rating system.
  5. clean shaven!!!!
  6. Dippin diggin the stomach cuts! Anyone got something better POST, or PM. Not too mention your riding skill looks hot! Keep it FUN!
  7. So I went to the other local place. Cant rave as much about it. Kept my choices to fish. When I was leaving though Jacklyn Smith sat down at the table next to me. So there is my next tip - FISH. Especially Talapia!
  8. A good haircut/style!
  9. Try to ride as much as you can. More experience/practice will lead to more speed!
  10. Sounds like you both have fun. Fun together is very important!
  11. You may be right!! Although I kept earlier meals light. Cereal for breakfast, mid-morning snack- carb bar and lunch was a protein shake. Was saving in anticipation. And dessert portions were between the size of a quarter and half dollar.
  12. Riding Coach!! Makes the difference.