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    whoa, amazing ending

    the janitor was smoking a cigarette in the closet. i think itl be his last smoke too.
  2. usa6


    well if it was real that cops i serious trouble.beating an unarmed person from behind thats obviously not posing a threat(hes running away)but it dose look fake. it happend to fast fir it to be real. the police officer would not of just emediatly started beating him like that.especially if the police officers wasnt even chasing the guy for a crime to begin with.
  3. usa6

    xr 400r still off road competitor?

    thnx for all the great replys guys. well since my purchase ive had some time to spend with the bike in the woods and also visit some of the famous new englend rock gardens around here and i am happy with my ride. ive dome to the conclusion that in the new england woods this bike can still hang a few mods are needed of course(mainly suspension and a little to clean up the power delivery). ive been riding since i was 12 and all my bikes were 2 smokers then at around 16 i kind of just stopped riding and now 5 years later im back and it felt great to rip around the trees and get muddy.as far as racing gos i dont think ill be racing any if at all.mainly ill just be riding with my friends on the trails. i tell u this when your 20 miles away from your truck and u dont know if u got gas enouph to get back and its getting dark new england woods suck.it gets mighty creepy up here neer the mass / new hampshire border.just enouph light to cast shadows every were a little bit of wind to mave stuff around and the thought of the blair wich lurking about behind the tree line plus i was riding alone well thnx for all the replys and i look forward surfing the forums for moding info.
  4. i just got a new 2004 xr 400. would of goten crf 450 but i had to finance and a crf is just to exspencive with interest. so i was just wondering whats every body opinion on the xr400? could this bike still be a challenger off road with the right mods?
  5. usa6

    Supah-fly, pimpin' 1996 Xr250R

    im shure thiers a power up kit u can get from your local honda dealer for the engine.the biggest thing i would say next to engine mods is the suspension,heh anythings better than stock.also u might want to give bbr a call.