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  1. bomtail

    Basic clutch question.

    Ya the bike rolls fine when in neutral. As far as the cable goes, the only two adjustments Im aware of are the quick adjust knob and the adjuster nut on the cable next to the quick adjust. Maybe I am missing somthing. If not, I guess Ill check the basket and plates next. Thanks for the help
  2. bomtail

    Basic clutch question.

    Thanks, youre right, I meant disengaged. How much drag is normal? With bike in gear and the lever pulled in I am unable to push it at all. Thanks for the advise
  3. bomtail

    Basic clutch question.

    My clutch doesnt seem to be engaged with the lever pulled all the way in. I have tried to adjust the cable but it didnt help. Is it time for new parts and if so what parts? thanks