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    XR600 - How Hard To Kick?

    Thanks again for all the input. For what it's worth, the bike I was originally looking at sold already. It was too far away and I couldn't have gotten to it in time anyway. The search continues... In response to a couple of the replies - Her primary dual sport is a KTM 690. Mine is a 990, I'm looking at this as something that I can take out on exploratory rides on new trails without worrying too much about the 990 being the limiting factor. I just need to make sure she can start whatever we get so I can justify trading off with her 690..... Based on what I'm hearing, we may switch gears (so to speak) and look at some of the smaller dual sports like the dr350 or xr400.
  2. atf8611

    XR600 - How Hard To Kick?

    That's the input I'm looking for. For what it's worth, we would be likely doing some mods to the seat/subframe and suspension so the seat height eventually won't be as much of an issue. Is it bad form to start it with the kickstand down? Either way it's good to know that the kickers has a longer throw than a modern bike. That's my biggest concern compared to my YZ, she might not have enough mass behind her to follow through with it, even if the seat was low enough. Would love to hear from some other lightweights.
  3. I'm thinking of picking up an XR600R as a project to mess around with and to add a capable dual sport to my fleet. The specs on this bike look great and they pop up occasionally on craigslist for not a whole lot of $. The only issue is that I have never ridden one, and the closest one for sale right now is a little over an hour away. I know it won't be an issue for me to kick over but I want to get something that my girlfriend will at least be semi-capable of starting. She's short (5'4") and light (130 + gear) so I'm a bit worried that she might not have an easy time getting a full enough kick to fire it up. How does this bike compare to, say, a YZ450F in terms of effort required at the kick lever? It sounds like the starting process is pretty similar to the WR400F that I used to have with the manual decompression lever, but for what I'm asking lets assume that she can get everything lined up and ready to go. Does someone her size stand a chance? For reference, she can start my YZ450 if the bike is leaned against something so that she can really put her weight into it. She also has absolutely no problem starting her 250sx (2 stroke) on the trail. Is the big XR much different to kick over than my YZ?
  4. Well unfortunately the issue is that I will need a spark arrestor. Good to have that lexx endcap as an option though. I'm leaning towards just buying an FMF Q4 and being done with it.
  5. Did the Lexx endcap give you any performance gains over stock? I have had the RS-4D on the bike since I bought it, and I would hate to do anything to decrease power and over rev (even if I don't need it 99% of the time...)
  6. Nothing? Its not looking like i can find anything to make this pipe work for me....Anyone in the market for a gently used RS-4D?
  7. I'm moving to Colorado in a few weeks, and I need to make sure my bike is going to be legal out there. I currently ride a 2011 450f, and it has the yoshimura RS-4D pipe on it. I love the look, sound, and performance of the pipe. The only issue is that yosh doesn't sell a spark arrestor for this model. Does anyone out there know of a universal spark arrestor that I can fit to the pipe? If not, is there an arrestor out there that I can use with the stock pipe?
  8. atf8611

    Rekluse problems

    How many hours were on it before it failed?
  9. atf8611

    2005 sewing machine then dead

    Do you have a fuel filter on it? Old gas can leave residue in the tank that might keep making its way down to your pilot jet. I had a similar issue with a kx125. I solved it by adding an in-line filter. Also, how is your valve clearance?
  10. atf8611

    Where to ride this weekend... Upstate NY

    Meathead, what loops did you ride? The white and green loops combine for a nice 6-ish mile loop. Check it out again when the conditions improve.
  11. atf8611

    CNY riding buddies and areas?

    For what its worth, the couple tracks that I have been to around here (mx573 and Jackson's farm) have never been all that busy. Especially if you go mid-week.
  12. atf8611

    CNY riding buddies and areas?

    Not that I have found, but I'm still new to that area. It's dominately single track. If you are looking for jumps, there are quite a few tracks in the area.
  13. atf8611

    CNY riding buddies and areas?

    Athens is nice. It's not the biggest trail system in the world, but what they do have is in good shape.
  14. You can give the guy a call, he's more than willing to discuss the procedure. I don't remember exactly what the mod entails, but it certainly works.
  15. Injectioneering. I just had it done to my 2011. It's a night and day difference. The problem is in the throttle body. Anything else is just a band aid solution. It took care of 99% of the problem.