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  1. What oil are you using? Try changing to the YamLube. My brother's 426 was chattering so he changed from one of the Synthetics back to YamLube and it went away. Maybe worth a try. My 426 chatters sometimes cold and hot and I'm using Mobil racing 4t. My next change will be to YamLube to see what happens.
  2. Thats what I was going to say. Here in Oz the old TT250's came in white with red and black trim.
  3. A few people here in Australia had the same problem ( cracking under the seat there the seat hooks into) and ended up talking to the local dealers saying that Yamaha have been replacing them for free. Dealer usually doesn't know but those that got new tanks made the dealer call Yamaha Co. and have been getting told that they will replace them free of charge. Worth putting some pressure on the local dealer for a new tank.
  4. If these codes are correct then I've got an 2000 that was advertised as a 2001 model. Bike goes well and has been looked after by the last owner but you still feel duped by the shop selling it on commission. They know bikes and should check them before they advertise them. I should have checked too, but the manufacturers make it hard when they don't stamp on the frame the month & year if was made. I've had the bike for 3 months now so its a bit late to do anything about it. Would have been nice to stay blissfully unaware, but now I know.
  5. Ooops take the winner medal back.
  6. Well here in Australia - Tasmania it is currently $1.25 a litre. And talk of $1.50 by the end of the year. Convert to US Gallon and I'm paying about $4.70. So I guess I win By the way company cars with fuel cards help.
  7. Bought the 01 YZ426 a few weeks ago and the few rides I've been on it's been excellent.