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  1. marciano1969

    TTr 125 & new to the forum

    Thanks again for the welcome seems like a friendly forum already
  2. marciano1969

    TTr 125 & new to the forum

    Thanks all, i have decided to keep the bike and just get a 2 stroke, 100 for my short legs to ride the ttr will become back up to play with.
  3. marciano1969

    TTr 125 & new to the forum

    I was just given a ttr125l, I think it is a 2001 model but not sure, after doing some research there seems to be some work needed to make the bike a jumper. I am new to dirt bike riding but have owned some street bikes before, what my question is will it be worth it to build the bike up or just get a 125 or 100. I am only 5'3 and 28 yrs old not much into jumping huge, but would like to once in a while. My friend has a yz125 and I did ride it but that was a little to quirky for my taste and not to mention my feet wouldn’t reach the ground, would get used to it if needed. I don't want to dump a lot of money into this without getting a decent handling a jumpable bike. Thanks for any input was looking at the fork swap, frame plate, air box and rejetting, for starters, willing to spend around 1000-1500