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  1. Ndg106

    exhaust is rubbing on shock spring...

    mines the same and i've seen a few others. my dealer ground the weld down a bit but i'm gonna hit them up for a new mid section cos it still touches - they know (honda) this is a problem (in nz and oz)
  2. Ndg106

    06 crf 250 - any complaints?

    i went from an 04 rmz to an 06 crf. there is a really different "feel" to these bikes. it has taken me about 15 hours to get comfortable. once i got used to it i really liked it. the crf has a lot more torque and the overall finish on the bike is better. no issues with reliability - the crf is good. cos i'm in nz (australia is the same) we got slightly different mufflers and the tips cracked (replaced by honda) but the twins don't seem much different apart from a slightly different note, not really quieter just different. you won't regret the purchase
  3. they are all bikes. bike people need to stick together and appreciate all forms. i ride both and love both (any bikes good) - two quite different aspects of riding just like bush or mx. stereotyping ain't healthy either.
  4. Ndg106


    are you sure its not the gearbox ?- have the same bike and thought the clutch was slipping (only happened in third) but it was the dreaded 3rd gear issues.
  5. Ndg106

    2006 CRF250R Is it a good bike?

    my '06 is sweet. had the bog for maybe 1/2 an hour when running in but it went away. 10-15 hours and no complaints. i had a rmz before this and the build quality on the honda is far better. what you read on forums is just a small percentage of all bikes sold.
  6. Ndg106

    Racing In New Zealand

    was that cody cooper? who was 99?
  7. Ndg106

    Broken Bones!!!

    3 collarbones 3 wrists 2 ribs foot dislocated shoulder
  8. Ndg106

    thumpstar clutch problem?

    hi, thumpstar newbie - have issues with 3rd gear. it feels like the clutch is slipping and then engaging again. (almost feels like the chain is jumping but it isn't) but have heard rumours about 3rd gear with thumps. the bike has on it about 5 hours on it and no jumping (it's a hunge 10). anyone else experienced this? oh. i have changed the oil - was full synthetic but reverted back to mineral. no luck. thanks
  9. Ndg106

    interchangable plastics?

    does anyone know what plastics are interchangable btween the 05 and 06 crf250's. i guess the right side panel is, but are the shrouds etc (lower radiators)? thanks
  10. Ndg106

    RMZ comes unglued

    Just got my bike back from the dealer after having the engine cases,bearings, clutch basket all replaced under warranty. My bike had low hrs and oil changes after every ride and after the kickstarter locked up tiring to restart the bike I noticed a crack in the main gearbox case just by the gearbox breather outlet weak the kickstart Idle gear tried to escape out of the box.The problem seemed to be caused by an assembly fault on the spacer on the back of the clutch basket. But it is back from the dealer and all good Cheers Suzuki
  11. Ndg106


    I just got mine back from the dealer after this happened to me and had the engine/gearbox case's and new bearings under warranty from Suzuki
  12. Ndg106

    Clutch Cover.....

    I have just bought a hinson clutch cover for my RMZ450 but it has no oil leveling bolt or glass anybody know why or am i being a dumb ass
  13. Ndg106

    RMZ comes unglued

    My RMZ 450 has just done the same thing so i am just about to take it in to the dealer but when i spoke to the dealer there shop bike had just done the same thing