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  1. Anyone been up to stony recently? Im curious if the creek is still running at all at fouts springs.
  2. Spamy

    03 450 Engine Question

    The blockage is definately metal. Im very afraid that the metal may be the dowel piece, and it flipped out and sideways and he crushed it. It seems like a long shot, but I cant figure how anything else could get in the way. I just really hate to split a newly rebuilt motor. But its looking like the only way to know for sure. Thanks a lot for your info.
  3. Spamy

    03 450 Engine Question

    You explained it much better than me. I have the pump out and I am talking about the path from the inner rotor to the other side of the engine. The drawings show it as a straight path through the engine. I can easily see the intake side that connects to the pump screen, but the other one seems to be blocked about where the two cases meet. Do you remember if that passage way is a straight shot that say a small zip tie should be able to fish through? By the way, thanks for the responses, it what makes this sight great.
  4. Oil system is not working after rebuild by local builder. Guy gave up. Anyways by what the drawings say, after removing the oil pump, I should be able to see through to the other side of the engine, where the line continues to the oil tank. I cant see a passage way, or fish anything through, or even blow air through. What are the chances that this guy either blocked the primary oil path somehow. Perhaps using a later year gasket kit or something? Anyone who has torn down a 450 may have some knowlegde on this, please help.
  5. I know ive seen an ad somewhere for gas tank covers. Its similar to the ones for your seat but its for a tank. They actually look really good. But its something you can do for an old unsightly xr tank. Anyone know of a company or have tried one?
  6. Spamy

    2005 CR 250 Price

    yz440e your gonna have to look around at local prices online and stuff. Bikes just cost more in California Ive found. Bikes generally run 800 to 1200 bucks cheaper on the east coast.
  7. Spamy

    Trailer Graphics

    I notice you are in Arkansas. My father in law owns a Graphics business there near Little Rock. The company is called Image Graphics. At least it was when he was in California. Check it out, Ill find out if they changed thier name. I used to make and install graphics for trailers and all kinds of stuff from rv's to semi trucks for them. They have the equipment. They can be pretty tricky to install depending on how big you go.
  8. Spamy

    11/6 stonyford,anyone going??

    Depends, does gwm06 stand for gay white male in 06'?
  9. Spamy

    gas mileage toy hauler

    I suggest a V10 like myself. Whether you are towing or not you can count on a sweet 6 to 9 mpg. Just bring friends. Did I mention I work for one of the big oil companies.
  10. Spamy

    New TT-R50E

    Can you give a comparason of the ttr to the crf50? I plan on buying one or the other this week. I allready know about the electric start, but what else do you think feels different if anything?
  11. Spamy

    Your first motorcycle

    When I was 7 my pops bought me a YZ80 for me and my younger brother to share. It was like a 1973 so it probably wasnt even called a YZ at the time. I remember like a few years after the YZinger came out and I wanted one of those cause my friend had one and it was fun with no gears just high and low.
  12. Spamy

    Sugar Pine the 23rd

    I was up there all last week and this weekend. A heck of alot of the trails are closed down for logging. It really sucked. 3, 5, 7, 1, all had major parts closed off. The day of rain made it nice, but the dust turned to pure grease for the first day. Id go early if you plan on camping out too. Last week was the first week with all the camp sites closed at the lakes so the only spot for everyone was the 7 camp sites and the parking lot.
  13. Spamy

    mx workout routine opinions?

    Have you guys ever seen Carmichael with his shirt off? Not exactly a muscle man. He rides the hell out of his stationary bike and jogs though. Most riders do have very strong legs, but the upper body if riding correctly doesnt need more than normal strength.
  14. Spamy

    Knee braces, what type??????

    I use the EVS RS7's. They are narly to break in but I dont really notice them after about 6 rides of break in. Ive never injured my knee. But at least 4 people I ride with have. I do notice that I can grip the bike better and go faster just for the fact that I feel more secure. But I can only imagine that it would be one hanus wreck that would cause you to break your femur with a brace on. Im sure the Doc has some valid points. Some people definately seem to break easier than others though.