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  1. Im just in the process of rebuilding the top end on my 2002 YZ 250f, what i would like to know is, should there be a bearing at the top of the conrod that connects to the piston?, all the other 2 stroke bikes ive had.. did have a little roller bearing, but this being one of my first 4 stroke's im not sure. The bike is over at my parents house so i cant get to check it untill the weekend, i bought it with a damaged head and cylinder, but the have been replaced now!. If it does need this bearing has anybody got a clue what part number is?. cheers chris.
  2. ChadZ

    Swap DRZ 400S carb on to E model?

    Hey no problems at all johny its all good fun tried neil's method and its cured it! , i dont think the solenoid is faulty because i can hear it working when i disconnect and reconnect it again, so this leaves the other theory that neil mentioned "The Air Leak", im going to check all the pipes just incase one has a split were i may have trapped it. Thanks for your help guys
  3. ChadZ

    Help ive realy buggerd it now!.

    Hi neil, I live in mansfield! just north of Nottingham, il give your advice ago tomorrow mate and hopefully it works, were are you from neil?.
  4. ChadZ

    Help ive realy buggerd it now!.

    No not that im aware of, i just took it off my bike put on brothers DRZ and it had no power on his and now ive put it back on my bike i have the problem.
  5. Well after trying to swap the carb off my drz 400S on to my brothers bike i decided to put them both back to there previous state, now the only problem is that my bike has no power at all!, The only thing i can compare it to is when my power valve came unhooked on my RM 125, this would also rev and run but had no guts. Is there a power valve on the drz or somthing that provides a great chunk of power midle and topend of gear?. The only thing i have touched is the carb......er i think
  6. ChadZ

    Swap DRZ 400S carb on to E model?

    johny thats terrible
  7. ChadZ

    Swap DRZ 400S carb on to E model?

    We want to change the carbs because he hasnt had much experience on drz's and he finds that the E model is way to agressive for him, and i thought that it would make a good upgrade for me to swap the carbs over, Two birds with one stone!, The problem im having is that the bike has no power at all, i mean it seems as tho somthing is realy holding it back?.
  8. Me and my brother have a drz 400 each, mine is the "s" model and his is the "E" model, what we want to do is swap the carbs over!, now we have got the Keihin fcr carb on to the s model with no problems the bike seems to run great, but we cannot get the "S" model carb to run properly on the "E" model, is it possible to fit it or are there to many problems with this?.
  9. ChadZ

    DR-Z 400 02/04 forks

    Thanks for advice bronco, i have emailed the guy to see if he can supply me with some better pics of the forks to give me more of an idea if i can use them. I thought about getting the bent fork leg straightend but it looks to me like it realy needs replacing to be safe...because the bend in the fork is at the point of the bottom yolk and it has left a crease or kind of a kink in the leg itself, when i look down at the front mudgaurd/fender from a riding postition you can clearly see the front tyre to the right hand side of the mudgaurd/fender...its about 3 inches out of line!. I am currently talking to a guy on ebay with some forks but they are from a 02 model so im just concerned about compatability, i have got a price for a brand new replacement front leg and it is around uk £250 or us $450, so if all else fails its not going to brake the bank if i have to go with a brand new one. thanks guys.
  10. ChadZ

    DR-Z 400 02/04 forks

    Hi guys wonder if you could help me out, i have a 04 drz 400s and one of the front forks is bent... i would like to know if a set of forks from a 02 model will fit... or if i could just slide the defective one from the yolks and replace it with the 02 fork?. My first post so i hope i posted in correct place. thanks.