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  1. bottomofanike

    gas prices for the 250F (or truck)

    i know i steal gas at the racetrac gas station in bartow when i need gas. i actually might wanna buy one of them rubber hoses.
  2. bottomofanike

    Let's make a deal

    how much? what condition is it in, do you have any pics
  3. bottomofanike

    help me

    were from florida and we're getting in to the dirtbike fad. and i think i should start with a used one but im not sure.
  4. bottomofanike

    help me

  5. bottomofanike

    help me

    17. 165 im not that fat it was a joke sorry. trails and motocross. both.
  6. bottomofanike

    help me

    u r the gay one idiot
  7. bottomofanike

    help me

    well i dont know how tall i am but i was wondering on what kind of bike i should get. im kind of leaning towards the 250f. i have little experiance on a bike, ive ridden mostly 4 wheelers. thanks